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Contacting Ask Likkun:
Getting in contact with the owner of this site is as easy as counting your fingers. If you can’t do that, then maybe you should find some way to contact me to get help…

Likkun’s E-mail:
For any business you wish to settle with me, I suggest using my e-mail asklikkun@gmail.com as this is where I recieve most of my business mail. If it’s something REALLY informal and you’re just interested in making a friend, then try sending a letter towards likkun@gmail.com and I’ll respond in a lot less of a formal tone. If you’re not really sure, then I suggest going with my business e-mail. If I find that it’s something informal, then I’ll just reply with my other e-mail address. Easy as that.

Instant Messaging Likkun:
If you want to really talk to me THAT BAD. Then I assume it’d be smart to e-mail me and ask to trade screen names. I’d post the thing here, but it’d probably lead to a lot of annoying spam from some people. Frankly, I’d rather make it a little difficult to spam me with annoying instant messages. So basically, contact me through e-mail to get the proper trade.

Links on Ask Likkun:
Believe me, I know how hard it is to get publicity. If you want me to help you advertise, then I’d be glad to trade links with you. And if you wish to link me for any reason, then I’ll never say to not do so. But if you are, then feel free to drop me a line so I can help you out like you’re doing with me. This way, nobody has to feel left out or anything.

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