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Spring 2007 Survival: Group 2 – Week 3

April 20, 2007

GAII:MKnK pre-orders start tommorow. I think I need to skip school to celebrate this awesome of awesome events. But now I need money…

What? I’m getting slower you say? Well, you’re right because I always like to put off Group 2. The reason for that may or may not be obvious. Even Group 3 gets down faster and that has a ton of series in it. But that’s of little importance right now. If you like watching me NOT talk about Group 2 again, then you’ve come to the right place.

In the realm of EXCITING news, I plan (KEYWORD: PLAN) on writing an actual article tommorow. What is it you ask? For those of you who remember the “15 Girls Likkun will never meet, ever” post from awhile back, then it’s similar to that. Just with a different kind of approach in selecting characters.

Here Comes the Pain


Spring 2007 Survival: Group 1 – Week 3

April 17, 2007

Well, it’s back at the beginning again and probably a critical junction in that sense. This week, I plan on knocking out about everything that I either hate or think is just going to take up space. So I don’t know when I weekly recap will happen, but I should probably do a Vs. post sometime this week so you’ll know what I’m comparing. I’ll get to that when I get to it though. Just expect the groups to be considerably smaller come Week 4.

More humorously, I was discussing each new season of anime with my friend. Obviously, the world of anime is usually boring if you follow it closely (yes, it is). I find myself more along the lines of sleeping during th week than actually watching the show. Frankly, if I were to draw a comparsion, it’d be like if I changed this site to watching every American Sitcom with whatever season the U.S. seperates them into. Half of them would suck so bad it wouldn’t be funny but like with anime, there may be something I enjoy. If you don’t get that comparsion, I don’t care but it’s the same. Actually, I’m going to change the site. Now you’ll be seeing me do Spring 2007 Survival with awesome gems like George Lopez, Two and a Half Men, and other crap like that. The world is just so exciting isn’t it?

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Spring 2007 Survival: Group 3 – Week 2

April 15, 2007

Eh, always finding myself busy with this. Well, I have a feeling that I’ll be doing Group 3 on Saturdays unless I’m lucky. I really do need to find some co-writers for the blog to help get some articles out. I was planning to do some individual (as in non Spring 2007 anime related) but I got too busy to mess with it. I don’t know, I’ll take these things as they come. I should probably be interested in more active readers than writers at the moment.

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Spring 2007 Survival: Group 2 – Week 2

April 12, 2007

Man, my schedule has been pretty rough so I had to put this off a day. Well, not really today anymore as much as early morning Thursday. But whatever, I haven’t forgotten to try and keep up with things. Even though I still have about 2 hours of stuff to watch by the end of tonight.

Group 2 is back again and hopefully with a more generous showing than last week.

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Spring 2007 Survival: Group 1 – Week 2

April 10, 2007

So now that things have gone back to normal. Well for me anyway. I decided that when it comes to Lucky Star, I’m not on the fence anymore. No, I’m buried under it and ignoring everyone else around me. When I decide that I have a decision about things, then I’ll burrow and see what’s going on again. Until then, I’m just gonna watch, make my comments, and take off.

Now it’s time to look at another thrilling week of anime. At least I think it’s pretty thrilling since Group 1 is pretty exciting. Well it’d be really exciting if an HD raw of Nanoha StrikerS was out, but that’s a different story.

Group 1 All Over Again…


Spring 2007 Survival: Group 3 – Week 1

April 8, 2007

Ahh…I’m really sorry about not doing this sooner. Well, I finished up with Group 3 finally so if you wanted to see my take on Shining Tears, Kamichama, or sola then now’s your chance. I’m just glad that I’ve finally finished this one up.
Alright, I also want you readers to check out the new pages that have popped up on the sidebar. These puppies are going to become essential to the life of Ask Likkun, especially the one labeled “Assist Ask Likkun…” for obvious reasons. This concerns things relating to helping me write article, to how you can help me get more active readers. If you could check these out, then I’d be very happy. And there’s also the matter of my updated Spring Schedule now. It should be changing as I see more series and review more, so feel free to keep an eye on that too.

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Spring 2007 Survival: Group 1 – Week 1

April 5, 2007

I decided to reupload this here for two reasons. One, because I wanted to make it more convenient for you to see my first thoughts on some things. And two, because I REALLY wanted to readjust some ratings. After going through the motions this week, I realized just how harsh I was being on some series. Most will probably stay the same, but there are a couple that really need some justice done to them.

By the way, just a note to Hitohira watchers. I want pancakes now.

Repost of some stuff…