Work at Ask Likkun…

This is probably the most essential part of this site right now. Because of the move, it seems I’ll once again be searching for a larger viewing audience. There are a lot of anime blogs out there, but seeing comments to reply to on a regular basis is rather satisfying. So, here’s how we can help this site move forward.

Now Hiring Writers
One of the biggest things I like about WordPress is the ability to allow other accounts to contribute. Because of this, I wanted to hire more writers to draw more people to want to read. Obviously, not everybody wants to listen to me review or rant. So, are you interested in writing reviews or have a few things to say about anime? Well, then feel free to contact me and try your hand at writing. It’d be best to send me a sample of what your writing is like and what you’d be contributing to the site itself. Not like I’d be picky or anything, but I just wanted to clarify that you can’t simply be “I want to write for your site” and expect me to give you a job. But don’t stress or anything, I’m really open to new talent right now. And I’m sure all of us can help each other a bit. So I’d really like to see my e-mail with a few applications. It’d just be a way for you to have fun without having to worry about managing all the aspects of a blog yourself. Since each person has their own style of review, it varies the site a bit and obviously we won’t all be blogging the same shows or discussing the same things.

The bread and butter of getting any site popular. Plugs, linking, and banners are all the ways you can help me out. Just by putting a simple plug in some places can make all the difference. Not like I’m trying to seem DESPERATE or anything, but having more readers is important to making this site run. So if you are here reading this and want it to keep existing, I recommend you find a way to spread the word a bit. I would be really grateful if you did such a thing.

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