Likkun is Bored: The Foreign Music Exchange

November 18, 2007

It’s rather apparent that fans of anime and the like seem to draw the short end of the stick. Nowadays, one would see that even the video game geeks can be held in higher esteem. Though, with how some fans behave, it’s obvious as to why the certain degree of mistreatment most receive. Though there is one thing I do find interesting and that lies within the realm of music. It’s not a surprise for many to have a bit of music in Japanese on a CD, MP3 player of some sort. But are they drawing the short end of the stick in even as something as simple as music?

Picture yourself in a room with a few other people your age. You’re very casually sitting and thinking to yourself when you can’t hear but overhear the conversation near you. Those other peers of yours appear to be having a discussion about some of the types of music they listen to. Mixed in this, you hear of a variety of songs from different countries and that they are even performed in the native language. The others seem rather interested in this and you feel like joining in the conversation. You begin to openly participate and bring up some interesting artists and songs in Japanese that you’ve heard.

Suddenly, the conversation appears to turn sour. One of the members of the conversation roles their eyes in exasperation and you see that you must have said something wrong. Another decides to turn to you and address you rather aggressively.

“What? I don’t listen to that weird anime music. Why don’t you listen to some real music?”

All of then leave you to yourself and appear to take their conversation elsewhere. Well, that was strange. You know well that what you were talking about was of no anime relation whatsoever. Somehow you find yourself far removed just because you listen to a few songs in Japanese.

Now sure, this is a dramatization but it’s still not far removed from what I’ve seen. Whether it be outside or even on the internet, there seems to be some interesting intolerance to more modern Japanese productions. Well, they may not go as far as not calling it real music but they still won’t address it as if it worthy for the part. They still seem to give you that awkward reaction that seems to alienate you.

A rather disturbing issue it seems but a common generalization that tends to happen. Somehow, aside from the food, a lot of other exports from Japan later seemed to be tied to the realm of anime/manga. Well, it’s probably not like this in certain communities but I’ve sure seen it in quite a few places. Whatever the case, it seems even while it may be perfectly legitimate music, it still falls into that area.

I would have much less issue with this if the generalization wasn’t so bad in the first place. On most note, the question “Is that music from some anime?” shouldn’t really have to exist. Does it really matter to you if you like it? Well, I’d really hope that it doesn’t. Frankly, certain music performed for anime is no different from music that’s selected for a movie soundtrack. It’s not as if the artist said, “Oh, I feel like writing a song for an anime series” and then proceeded to do so. Now is their certain music written for anime series only? Well, yes quite a few times. I wouldn’t call character CDs as to be released for the artist’s personal way of expressing themselves.

I guess in this very brief discussion, I mean to say that you should be standing up for your music tastes more often then naught. If that person decides to roll their eyes and ask that nonsensical questions, then be more prone to respond, “Does it matter?”. Frankly, you have no reason to have to defend yourself in the first place. Now am I giving you the okay to try and and justify “Bokusatsu Tenshi Dokuro-chan”? Well, not quite. I’d probably smack you if you decided to try and present that to other people that weren’t more into that sort of thing. Though if it’s something that you know deserves the credit, then by all means step up and add your piece. If they can listen to their classical music in Latin or heavy metal in german, then I see no reason that you should be defending (whatever genre it might be) in Japanese.

Ahh, yes. Yet another time the casual anime fan may draw the short end of the stick. But no worries, there’s always that chance to step up and educate some people in the process.



  1. I was wondering, do you had any more blogs?

  2. @ dinosaur fact

    I used to keep most of my anime blogging and reviews at my old LiveJournal (and still frequently post pointless tidbits there).

    I simply keep this one around for more thorough articles and if I ever decide to start episode by episode anime posting again.

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