Moetan – Episode 2 Review

July 17, 2007

Well, it’s time for some more Moetan. This is seriously becoming the show for me right now. While I’m looking forward to the better arcs of Higurashi, Moetan is the one show I’m looking forward to right now. Anyhow, that and listening to Minoru sing more songs at the end of Lucky Star.

Last time on Moetan, we were introduced to Ink Nijihara. The loli hero of this story who’s fallen hard for her classmate Nao (also referred to as NAO-KUUUUUUUUUUN). One unlucky day at the shrine (or lucky to some people) she meets up with a convicted magician Arks. Arks was sent to Ink’s world and somehow gained the form of a duck, make of that what you will. So Ark (hereby referred to as Ahiru) gives Ink the opportunity to become a mahou shoujo. So, Ink obviously took this offer (we’d have no story otherwise right?) and used the power to help Nao as Magical Teacher Pastel Ink. That’s pretty much where our story continues here. What was the point of this? I have no fucking clue.

This episode begins where the last left off. We find that our bunny loli is still sizing up Ahiru while a new shadowy figure shows up. Despite this, Ahiru seems to care more or less about what’s going on around him. Frankly, in the situation he’s in, I doubt I’d give much of a care either. You know, aside from the whole being a duck part.

Meet Sumi. Sumi is rich and as we learned last episode, a potential rival for our hero Ink. Despite that, she’s also lazy as hell and doesn’t wear cat pajamas without a reason. Ahh symbolism, how I never thought I’d see you in anime. Anyhow, after an abrupt wakeup from her maid, Sumi enjoys a simple daily routine. A nice relaxing cup of tea and then it’s off to school in her limo. Seriously? I always wondered what I would be like if I had money like that. Not sure if wearing a full body cat pajama suit to sleep would be on my list, but what the hell. While taking the gentle cruise in her limo, Sumi begins to think about Nao (Nao-sama to her, stuck up twit). So on her way passing her house, it’s only ideal for her to notice Ink being her usual loli self and cowering in the corner. Fast then you could say “magical ahoge” she’s out on the field and looking at Ink from afar who’s ironically watching Nao from afar. When Ink fails again with Nao, Sumi goes on the attack instead and tries to stop Ink. Well, by stop I mean getting a knocked flat on her back. Ink is once again aided by the strange man (with the awesome way of speaking) and policeman again. Irrelevant events ahoy! But I think “You will see the tears of time.” is my new exit phrase now.

At school, Sumi is still fazed out from her morning shenanigans. In true air headed fashion, she boggles her daily reading and is done over by Ink. So, Sumi decides to blame her misfortunes on Ink and go about stealing her boyfriend. I’m not an expert, but I’d say that Nao is a pretty damn lucky guy. I mean not one, but two lolis trying to get in his pants? That’s been unheard of in most series, at least I have yet to see any pull off a double loli love triangle. Sumi is denied the same as Ink (there’s seriously a pattern here) and decides to blame this misfortune on Ink as well. After calling out Ink as her rival, Sumi storms out and trips over her own feet. Looks like she’s not only magical ahoge Sumi but a little bit of a dojiko as well. Can’t ask for more then that, huh?

As Sumi storms off, Ink gets a call on her magical cell phone. It seems like a lot of heroes could benefit from a device like this. Unfortunately, your cell phone HAS TO BE magical for this kind of thing to work. After copying the number sequences myself, I realized I couldn’t go through an elaborate transformation sequence. Bummer. My idiocy aside, Ahiru wasn’t the only one watching Ink transform. No, it wasn’t some perverted otaku. Sumi happened to catch a glimpse and is more jealous than anything else. Well, I guess shock is somewhere in there too. Anyhow, Ink goes on to find a man pinned to a wall by a pink car. WHAT? How in the hell do you pull that off? Am I the only one who understands how this happens? Whatever he did to have this happen, he probably deserved it. But Ink is forced to help him anyway by using her new stylish power gloves. Ironically, this reminded me of Megaman’s power transformation. Someone remind me which game it was from.

As the two realize what great work they did. They’re pulled into a magical time space that is rather violent and red looking. Here, we encounter the same shadowy figure from earlier. In this shadow we find a rather simple black cat that resembles Ahiru. We find out this is one of his rivals from the magical realm who happens to be taking advantage of the moment. So the two duke it out in a mighty clash. I would call it mighty if it didn’t involve a duck and a cat going at it. Ahiru manages to motivate himself to win and takes down his rival with a single blow. Good fun but thinking it’s the last clash between the two would be crazy. I mean cat, Sumi in a full cat body suit? You know where I’m going with this.

Back at school, Sumi decides to confront Ink about her transformation sequence from before. Aside from denying this claim, Ink also makes a chain of adorable noises. Eventually, Sumi takes off in her usual tripping fashion. Ink and Ahiru also realize there is no real disadvantage to Sumi knowing anything. Frankly, it doesn’t seem like Ink is in any Spiderman, Superman, Batman, or Aquaman situation where her secret identity is vital. Or at least…NOT YET. (insert dramatic reverb here)

Sumi, not predictable at all, runs into her cat counterpart surrounded by dogs. She musters the courage to save the thing and realizes that it’s none other than a talking cat. With that, Sumi takes off home with her kitten friend. This leads into Ink once again going over some English phrases with Nao. You know, he sure got over last week’s incident pretty quickly. I think it’s the old loli charm kicking in. Screw going to college.

Events shift back to Sumi as we see her begging her new friend for the ability to transform. As fellow rivals to their counterparts, he’s forced to give in and give Sumi what she wants. Hell, why not? Might as well get the same loli fan service as your rival right? Anyhow, after another really revealing transformation and some nosebleed (that is realistic by the way), things wrap to a close. Sumi gets her transformation and becomes Magical Tempura Sumi. Alright, I’m kidding. That and Sumi gets knocked one by her maid. What? Transformation sequences and running around in skimpy clothes is not weird AT ALL.

I’d go over the ending theme screen shots if there was anything really worth it to show. Seriously, it’s the lamest thing one could expect. But the song is pretty fitting though and reminded me a hell of a lot of CCS. And making me reminisce about that show is a damn good thing. Speaking of lolis in strange outfits…that would be pretty damn close. Too bad there was never a transformation sequence there…what?

This week’s Moetan Corner, “No attacking during transformation scenes!” Good advice for the growing otaku. Not only do we not know what happens in the occasion you do, but it’s just damn cheap. If you’re a villain, just enjoy the pleasant shots of…yeah. Did somebody say Caro? I heard someone say it. Done now.

Conclusion: Hot

Once again, I think this is a really strong episode for this show. Not only did it shift from Ink for a bit but it played through it in a very similar manner. Yes, there were pattern and patterns are good things. As you could tell, I tried to review in the same pattern when I was writing this. Yeah, I’m THAT awesome. Despite that, I really enjoyed Sumi as a character. Aside from her awesome ahoge, she’s an amusing rival and pretty bumbly at that. If a love triangle had to happen (and in mahou shoujo it just does) then this was the way to go. And it’s one of those times when the otaku in the audience can yell, “Nao you lucky bastard, fuck you.”


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