Anime Expo: Day 1 Report

July 12, 2007

A little late sorry but I needed much recovery time and I  didn’t have too much internet access where I was. Live with it.

So, the first day of AX was probably the most interesting in terms of what happened. Mostly because it included both exciting panels, one being the Galaxy Angel and the other being the SOS-Dan. So if either of those things interest you or you like listening to convention nonsense, then this day might be for you.

I ended up taking off at 8:00 a.m. to get ready to register for AX that day. Not a bad idea nor a very genius one with what was about to happen. As it turned out, we got directions for the pre-reg line and ended up in the middle of the parking lot. This picture should explain what it looked like…

So me and my friend waited…and we waited…and we waited again. Unfortunately, the time didn’t pass fast and it was the make random friends in the line game. This of course is never a hard thing. I mean you’re at an ANIME CONVENTION. The only people you couldn’t socialize with were the SKIN concert freaks, and I do mean to call them freaks. Anybody who would pay just to see Miyavi is a dumbass in my book. And the fact the others were there didn’t justify squat. But our line buddies ended up interesting in all senses of the word. By interesting though, it was obvious who the interesting part of the conversation was. Loli conversation? Anyone? So aside from my loli does not equal pedophile talk, there were more interesting things to discuss. Like the prospect of Fat C.C.s and all the random Death Note cosplayers you could find. Along with the amount of big swords and keyblades you saw as well. All in all, it was hard to avoid laughing upon some of the things you saw.

After around two and a half hours when we were beginning to near the real line, we found out we had been in the register line. By this time it was around 11:30 and we were all hot, worn out, and ready to get into the convention. Realizing I had been in the wrong line didn’t set well but the good conversation was worth it. Not like there was anything interesting to do until the GA panel started anyway. So after the scramble to get to the new line, everyone got registered and everyone was happy. After that, it was the play the find your way around the convention game. This involved walking in circles for awhile until it all became clear. And it did work out well, so no biggie there. Went out to get a ticket for the SOS Invasion which wasn’t a bad seat, made fun of the SKIN attendees, and then moved on to buy some shwag. This mostly consisted of me in Kinokuniya to pick up some cheap manga and a Code Geass mini-book for the poster. Next in line was the Galaxy Angel panel, and the thing I was fired up for.

Galaxy Angel Panel

Not taking anymore chances, I stumbled into the Bandai Visual panel early to get a nice seat for the GA panel. Right by the microphone and around the third row seemed like good fun for me. Aside from the brief introductions though, there were some interesting tidbits at the panel.

Yuuna Inamura on the right and Sumire Nanohana on the left.

Papa Zombie talked about how he ended up creating GA. This involved him smashing together two things: Star Wars and Sakura Taisen. Seriously, that was a kicker. I always knew that Papa Zombie was a little geeky in his own way and that pretty much nailed it. Papa Zombie is a good guy though if you get to meet him. And everyone there seemed to love him despite his whole hobby of feasting on brains and whatnot. But it was nice to see him talk firsthand about somethings, since it was a good way of getting down to things.

Better yet though, was when Yuuna was talking about the GA radio show and it’s fun little title. Those of you who listen should know, but she had everybody do the greeting. I was really psyched for it, especially when she mentioned that she’d discuss it during the next program along with her visit to the U.S. I was hoping for my five seconds of fame but as you’ll learn later, some guy cheated me out of it by doing something bigger.

There were a few other fun tidbits during the Q&A section. The writer went over several of the new GAII characters which happened to be another nice topic. I’d bore you with the details but the Q&A seems more up the GA fan’s ally. Especially with the question that EVERYBODY needed answered.

First question? What do you think? Will the games be licensed in the U.S., blah, blah, blah. It was made clear to all the people there that the company obviously has had trouble getting someone to translate it. If you hadn’t known, BROCCOLI isn’t the one who doesn’t want to send the game over. They’ve been trying since Day 1 of GA getting licensed in the U.S. But just for you guys, I’ll go over that nobody here wants to work on the GA games. Simply because they don’t seem them as profitable enough being what they are. Yes, game companies here are shallow, live with it. But Papa Zombie always gave his usual, “I promise” line along with an always present “maybe” as well. So there you go. Your wait will be an eternity, you can probably learn the Japanese you need faster than the game getting licensed.

Along with some other not so thrilling questions, the guy in front of me CHEATED. I was going to wish Yuuna a Happy early birthday. But this guy broke out a present and everything. So the old man ended up getting credit for knowing rather than me. Just in case you didn’t know, her birthday falls on July 11th, so a bit early but still within the distance of when we saw her. I almost wanted to buy her something to give at the autograph session but, oh well. I think I was able to get what I wanted…

Did I do it? Yes. Let the video speak for itself.

Yeah, I went there. I went up to Yuuna for awhile after the panel and got her adorable smile. Yes, I still will marry Satomi Akesaka but that doesn’t keep me from distributing my love equally. So I stood around rather than run off immediately to the SOS-dan panel. That was fun since I got to pretty much stand next to Yuuna. So since some other guy had been talking to her that wasn’t press, I decided that it wouldy be harmful to try the same. So, I decided to communicate and compliment her on the work she had done so far. Of course, I got a smile and thanks which was amazing. When I asked the spokesman about getting a picture though, she said I would have to wait. Well I spoke with Yuuna which wasn’t a bad thing. But you’ll see that this quest doesn’t end there.

Next on the agenda was the SOS-dan panel. And SHIT. Was there a line to get into that thing. Before it had started, there were about two or three people there. Not like it mattered THAT much but I guess a front seat may have been good. So among all the scrambling I ended up with some staff members who understood Japanese like me. So I got to mess around the entire panel making fun of the stupid questions and coming up with questions that were even better. Even worse was the amount of Lucky Star freaks in the front. I’m all for it but two things about it pissed me off.

A) Some guy asked a question about future projects for the three. Of course he mentioned Aya Hirano was in Lucky Star but stopped there. Hello, ASSHOLE. Minori is in Lucky Star you fucking ass. Get off your Aya Hirano fanboy stool and ask a real question, and watch what you say. I’m all for respecting Aya but the others are just as great. Yuko is a serious veteran and has too many great roles to not know, Minori has a beautiful voice and probably beats Aya singing wise. So, aside from that I won’t say anymore.

B) Some guys solely directed questions at Aya that the whole panel could have answered. Once again, this isn’t the Aya Hirano show guys. And they’re not here for Lucky Star either. If I were Yuko, I probably would have left mid-panel.

Also, some girl did a HORRIBLE impression of Akira. SHUT…THE…HELL…UP…NOW. When I heard that, both me and the staff members there scoffed. I respect Aya for putting up with it though. She also did a lot of things for the Lucky Star fans in the audience. She did her famous “timotei~” line for us as well as doing her rendition of Cha La Head Cha La. Quite a good day if you enjoyed Lucky Star but a lot of people in the audience had no idea what was going on. But they pretty much just had fun clapping along with everyone else, even if they had no idea what was going on. Oh, and Aya’s favorite character from SHnY is actually Tsuruya, which I found amusing. Along with the fact Yuko announced the fact she thought she was strong and cool. Just because of the Lucky Star attention going on, I wanted to go up and ask the other two about Manabi Straight! and Hidamari Sketch to be nice. But trying to ask a question there was trying to flush a full grown dog down a toilet. Small dogs don’t count.

After the panel though, it became cool down time. Both autograph sessions were the following day and most other events didn’t concern me too much. So I browsed the exhibit hall a bit more and eventually ended my first day. Doesn’t seem like a lot but there was a lot of quirky in-between segments. And of course the line devoured most of the morning.

What lies on Day 2? Autograph sessions, concerts, cosplay, and more exhibit hall browsing. Now tell me that isn’t a jam packed day? Well, maybe if you like camping out and waiting in lines.



  1. he~h, it’s been a while since i’ve checked up on here again. well it’s something worth reading since i too was in the same place as you. it’s convention recap from another perspective!

    i’ll leave the GA panel comments in our usual board, but let’s talk about the SOSdan panel. i was positioned in the middle section about 6 rows from the GoHs so i was pretty psyched. after being awestrucked by the mere sight of seeing them in person, i rushed to the question line athough a little late in reaction to go up there. i’m embarassed to say what my question was (although knowing you, you probably know already), but someone asked it ahead of me so i sadly retired from the line. i think i wouldn’t have been able to ask anyways so it saved me grief from standing there farther and farther away compared to sitting 6 rows in front of her (^_^) .

    now here come the complaints, i acutally whole heartedly agree with yours Likkun. as much of a hirano aya fanboy i am, i thought it sucked that all the questions were directed to her. i felt horrible for chihara minori and goto yuko for having to sit there practically not answering anything. chihara minori was so freakin cute when she was surprised that there was a question specically for her. “I LOVE CHOCOLATE!”, so engrish that it was adorable….for me anyways. as for the random clapping, fortunately i wasn’t one of those people, heh. i didn’t learn japanese on my own for nothing. i responded right when hirano aya asked how her acting was in sound around yet the people around me had no idea what was going on.

    keep up the report as i look forward to day 2 seeing as how that is a pretty big one….all controversial hiccups at the concert included.

  2. whoops, completely forgot this thought. when i read that you said GA was thought up by the combination of star wars and sakura taisen, i was completely surprised. since i first started my japanese training through the ST series and then continued on to GA without knowing that the latter was inspired by ST, i am very happy indeed. everything is all connected in a very surprising way.

    oh and looking at the line that you were at, i already got my badge and everything on day 0 but i was still stuck in a line as well. 2-3 hours of wait just to get my SOSdan concert ticket….and the line wasn’t even for that! the SKIN goers pretty much devoured the line. i actually tried on day 0 as well, but it was hopeless since there was an even longer line for SKINners. at least no one was selling lemonade for $5 a cup

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