Anime Expo® 2007 Announces Third U.S. Guest of Honor

May 31, 2007

Bet you can’t guess who it is…

That’s right. It appears that me, in all my glory, will be appearing at the convention. Unless some freak accident happens before that time arrives, but we won’t go into that. What? You thought I had insight into a real guest? I am a real guest of honor dammit. After hearing about the multitude of big names there, I decided that I need to get my lazy butt to California and pay it off later. To give you a general idea of where I’ll be…

SOS-dan Invasion Tour – You can bet your money that I’ll be attending the concert. You’d be crazy if you’d think I’d miss a live performance of the SHnY trio outside of Japan, especially since I don’t see it happening again.

ASOS Brigade Dance Off (?) – I may or may not be in it. I’d love to dance on stage with Aya Hirano but I’ve gotten rusty because of the Lucy Star dance. So whether I’ll participate is questionable but I’m recruitable if you need me. Otherwise, I’ll probably go there since I know a lot of people participating.

SKIN Concert – In my Junior High Days, which weren’t THAT long ago, I was big in the Visual Kei scene. I loved Due le Quartz when I was younger and I have a shred of appreciation for Miyavi when he was still with them. Since I also listened to all the others, I have a mutual commitment to see them. So you can expect to find me here as well, unless I’m too lazy to get a ticket.

Bandai Visual Promotions – Yuuna Inamura will be there. HELL YES, I’ll be anywhere she is. I’ll make her do her Rico “kyah” for me before I leave. I don’t care what it takes…that and I need an autograph. And maybe a hug or physical contact in some form.

Momoi Haruko Concert (?) – According to some Japanese blogs I read, there’s some talk that Momoi could be performing at AX2007 well. I haven’t been a fan for long but there’s a small chance she may perform something from Seto no Hanayome. And I COULDN’T miss a potential performance of “your gravitation”…ever. It’s only a bummer that Sakura Nogawa didn’t come along to perform with her. Now that would give me shivers until the convention came.

That’s all I really plan on right now. So if you want to meet up and hang out with me, be my guest. And if you want me somewhere else that might remotely interest me (ask me about a 4chan panel and I’ll shoot you upon first contact), then feel free to say so. I’ll be there all four days and I need something to do aside from spend money. And I will, if not given someone to distract me from the multitude of goods.

So whether you know me from some forum, reading this, or from one of my now infamous YouTube videos, then more power to you. Because I have a feeling I’ll be seeing a lot of strangely familiar faces and be suprised to see what you freaks are really like.


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  1. Anime Expo? there Aya Hirano too 🙂

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