Likkun is Bored: Spring 2007 and Pink Haired Psychos

May 27, 2007

Man it feels like forever since I’ve written a real article. Most likely because it has been serious ages since that time. Thank you Ouendan 2 and Seto no Hanayome for keeping me alive during finals. I still regret not ordering the two Seto no Hanayome Live Singles, if I had known earlier I seriously would have pre-ordered them before. Oh well.Getting on topic though, this season has revealed a strange fact to me. Not only have I been attracted to several pink haired girls this season that all seem to be hiding more than they should be. Whether it be serious split personality issues or just being damn scary, it looks like Spring has more than I can keep track of.

So without further ado. Here are five girls that are possibly off the boat when it comes to this question. Are they an ordinary girl or a possible serial killer? YOU be the judge…

To begin though…we’ll just work our way down to the serious crazies.

Canidate 1 – Hinagiku (Hayate no Gotoku!)

As a Normal Girl: Hinagiku is a pretty average school girl. Since we’ve only seen her for one episode, it’s really hard to judge her otherwise. But the normal side of her was a pretty tame person. She’s civil (in her own way) and maintains a pretty good composure throughout the episode we saw her. In all essence, she’s the ordinary school girl that one would expect.

As a Psycho: Alright, so not many girls would pull out a sword on their older sister. Or maybe I’m just missing something. The normal approach would be…I don’t know…TALKING ABOUT IT? I’m pretty sure grabbing the nearest weapon and fighting them off isn’t the instinct of an ordinary girl. But heck, this is Hayate no Gotoku we’re talking about, so why not? But by ordinary standards, I can safely classify her as a form of psychotic.

Likkun’s Judgement: Ordinary Girl – Since I’m trying to judge from a non-manga point of view (just from the one episode of Hinagiku in the Anime) I can’t call her psycho. By an anime standard, she defended herself like any character would and I should probably respect that. Plus if anyone is crazy, it would be Hinagiku’s sister but just possibly you could say that it might be rubbing off.

Canidate 2 – Caro Ru Lushe (Nanoha StrikerS)

As a Normal Girl: I know what you’re thinking. Likkun…how could you accuse…adorable, loveable, caring, innocent Caro of being crazy? Well, we’re getting to that. But after mentioning all those statements, how can you NOT see Caro as normal? The little thing is about as innocent as characters come this season. But rather than listening to me talk about how much I love Caro and DESPISE Erio right now, we should move on. But before that…Erio needs to die.

As a Psycho: So Caro COULD HAVE told people about the whole uh…Dragon Master thing. And exactly how powerful she is…but you know, small details. I mean, obviously I can do the exact same thing and don’t have to mention it to anyone. That small dragon over there? Nah, it’s just there to look cute and protect me from the small things, not grow huge and completely decimate my opponents. COMPLETELY ordinary.

Likkun’s Judgement: Ordinary Girl – Oh c’mon, did you REALLY think I’d call Caro a psychopath? Of course not, the girl is just too innocent. It’s not like she meant to hide so many things, they were just small details. And if you wanna say otherwise, I’ll chop your head off. Because obviously I’m NOT pyscho at all. Especially when it comes to Caro. *coughdieeriodiecough*

Canidate 3 – Mugi Asai (Hitohira)

As a Normal Girl: Most likely second when it comes to innocent. If you called her otherwise, she’d probably think you were the crazy one. Poor little Mugi is too busy trying to overcome her low self-esteem to be psycho. From seeing her panic in about every situation, headbutt someone when trying to bow, and seeing her in a maid outfit I think it’s safe to picture her as the everyday schoolgirl. Actually, she’s probably the picture perfect schoolgirl so far this season.

As a Psycho: I bet you’re wondering how many more times I’ll show this picture this season. But inside Mugi lies an utterly disturbed and vicious psycho. Mugi is honestly the one kid in the school that ends up bringing the gun and mowing everyone down. With all of Nono’s torture, I’d probably have a lot of pent up rage as well. From her strange imagination to when she shows her real voice, I could say that there’s some of that pent up insanity within Mugi. And it honestly scares me more than anyone else. Locked up psychos are always the ones that do the most damage.

Likkun’s Judgement: Undecided – Mugi is far too two faced for me to put a real decision on. I’ve honestly been able to spot both sides of her clearly that I can’t safely call her ordinary nor call her completely psychotic. But I’m sure by the end of the series she’ll be the normal girl that everyone expects. Thought I almost wish that she’d go a little crazy just to be fun.

Canidate 4 – Luna Edomae (Seto no Hanayome)

As a Normal Girl: Alright, so Luna can never be COMPLETELY normal being a mermaid and all. But to be fair, she does have her innocent side like all of these girls. And you can go as far as too say she’s not a normal girl being a pop idol either. But by ignoring all that we can see that she can behave just like anyone else. Not as much to say here as there is to say about…

As a Psycho: Alright, now to look at the pyschotic side of Luna. What’s there not to say? Letting a little childhood rivalry escalate into war, laughing like a maniac as a little girl, wanting a high school boy as her slave, and about everything else does not make her seem very normal. This girl is honestly every form of psycho that you can get and merely puts her nice little front up for show. That’s about all you can say there. But that’s why we all love her. It’s not often that you have a pyschopath, pop idol mermaid anyway.

Likkun’s Judgement: Psychopath – Luna pretty much made me want to write this article. Well, her and another but we’re getting to that. It’s not like I don’t love it though. All these psycho girls are also proving to be the character I utterly eat up…which honestly worries me. But with from the scenes we’ve seen of Luna…the girl is damn psycho. Given the chance, she’d take hold of the world and make everyone her slave. If that doesn’t spell it out for you, then it’s about time we sit down and have a talk. In fact, Luna would be my new definition of psycho if it wasn’t for…

Canidate 5 – Akira Kogami (Lucky Star)

As a Normal Girl: Stealing a line from Luna, Akira is another pink haired super idol. I’m starting to see a pattern here….BUT Akira has her nice innocent cutesy front. With her trademark “Oha~ Lucky!” line and adorable flapping of her arms like a bird, she is what any guy would want to squeeze. Or maybe that’s just me. From all the Lucky Channel segments we can clearly see that she enjoys the simple things in life like us all and has parents as well. Which most of the previous characters seem to have lacked. But obviously Akira isn’t the nice junior high school girl that we see some of the time on Lucky Channel…

As a Psycho: The famous Psycho Akira that we all know and love. What’s there not to say about her? From screaming at the top of her lungs to scaring the crap out of Minoru almost every episode, she can really do it all. About every wannabe psycho could take a lesson from her in what to do. Akira is just that amazing and is the epitamy of psycho in the Spring Season. I don’t think any villian nor good guy can quite match her this season. But it’s the Akira that we know and the Akira that we love.

Likkun’s Judgement: Psychopath – Psycho Akira is about all that we really see, so what are you gonna do? Even more so than Luna, you can see that her adorable side is nothing more than a front. And any relationship with her would obviously have to have the guy be a masochist. But if it was for Akira, it’d be totally worth it. Did I just manage to go off topic again? You bet I did.

So…what can we learn from all this? Well, that possibly pink haired psychos are really in this season. If not that, then maybe that Likkun has something for pink haired girls of the split personality nature…or something like that. But it seems that Spring has had a lot more interesting characters than one could ever imagine.



  1. funny, out of this whole article, there was one thing that really stuck to my mind….erio needs to die. probably because i agree with you whole heartedly, heh. you know i was just thinking about the whole pink haired psychopath thing but mostly for akira and luna since they’re completely obvious. seems like i wasn’t that only one

  2. and the result, all pink hair girl is very scary… 😀

  3. @uragayduck
    I’d love to see Erio dead but that’d probably scar Caro. But without him dead, I’ll never be completely happy with StrikerS.

    @drake byte
    They’re scary but that seems to be the type of girl I’m into. Pink haired, crazy, yet a hint of innocene somewhere hidden in there.

  4. they cute too 🙂

  5. you forgot Sakura and that girl from elfen lied

  6. KOGAMI AKIRA!!! ^^

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