Real Posts == Coming Soon

May 24, 2007

Well, here goes. I was involved in a nasty accident recently where I received a really bad knock on the head. After numerous times of being reminded of who and where I was, I finally began to understand things more. It was lately that someone told me what I invested all my time in and they steered me to here. After reading through a couple of things I had posted, I realized what was going on. So after catching up on a load of things that needed downloading I decided that I should try and get back to normal life.

Okay…so none of that is true. Though it might as well have happened.

I figure I really should apoligize for my long absence. I didn’t expect my class finals to fuck my schedule up so bad. Then falling under the weather didn’t assist that much either. And also because of that, I missed any and all discussion on episodes 7 & 8 of Seto no Hanayome, which are possibly the best reason to watch the entire series. Especially since the next episode looks like fanservice.

I expect to be revising my schedule starting tommorow, since that begins the end of classes and the beginning of summer work. But that means I’ll be able to post in full, real time. I also expect to make a full round to forums and all sorts of different places. So hopefully this is the last REALLY long break, I’ll ever have to take until the new year begins. Honestly though, my head really does hurt.


One comment

  1. i’m sorry to hear that.

    i hope u can come back to normal life again 🙂

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