Seto no Hanayome – Episode 6 Review

May 8, 2007

I’m back from Golden Week and more ready for some reviewing action than ever. I’m back in full force…thank god for that.

Well, it’s another one of those days. Where I almost decided not to review and then I ended up doing so anyway. I got tired of ero games for awhile and finally got to screencapping Seto no Hanayome. Since I figured I’d be reviewing this and Hitohira, solely from now on I’m sticking to that plan. Mostly because I don’t see too many others going over these two and I believe both are worth a look. And it’s not the GA-Rune point and laugh at the bad director kind of look this time.

Sunday is full of a lot of laughs. With the bigger hyped series like Hayate and Lucky Star out ther + the action of Nanoha StrikerS, it’s easy to overlook things. I’m kind of feeling that Seto no Hanayome will be left behind aside from the manga fans. I really hope this changes as I see a solid series developing. Where people are complaining about staying true to the source material in Hayate, I hear SnH has been doing a top grade job of it. And for those that don’t find Lucky Star funny, well you’re in luck that SnH has some over the top slapstick ready for you. As for those that may be bored with Nanoha StrikerS, SnH has some crazy Mermaid Yakuza trying to chop up a boy, mermaids that destroy cars, and some old fashioned school rumbling. You can hit me anytime…

This episode pretty much opens up showing that it’ll be Mawari-centric. This is good news for me as I’d place Mawari as a pretty close second next to San right now. Anyhow, we get to go through that whole brief history of childhood friends deal. I never really liked the whole female childhood friend

Here’s one thing that tends to get me when it comes to this series. It seems like once they enter a nice, possibly touching phase, they wage nuclear warfare on it. Sure it looked like Nagasumi’s father was having a moment but it turned into pain. The slapstick is really what makes this series but it only lasts for so long when you’re feeling so at peace with the world. C’mon Seiji Kishi, it’s not bad to make people feel warm and fuzzy every once in awhile. Still don’t believe me? Just wait until later…

Back at the anarchic place Nagasumi calls school, he find San fits in perfectly. Too bad you don’t dumbass. Stupid high school kid keeping the fact he’s married to a mermaid secret. But in true Seiji Kishi style, all hell begins to break loose ala Mawari and Nagasumi. They decide to play their favorite game which results in elbowing, kicking, punching, shoving, and the like. After Mawari find herself succesful, Nagasumi is over congratulating San on her ONE victory. Obviously Mawari takes notice to this and realizes something fishy is going on, but not in the mermaid way.

We should also discuss why Mawari carries fucking handcuffs everywhere. Sure it’s creepy but it’s also kinky as hell. This is the so called “super pervert” in me speaking, but Nagasumi has it pretty good on both sides of the love triangle. Adorable mermaid who seems strange to procreate with versus Childhood friend with handcuffs and the hots for you. Decisions, decisions Nagasumi.

Back at the homefront, Mawari begins to analyze just exactly is going on. She plainly draws out the classic love triangle and realizes that there is no exact link between San and Nagasumi. Actually, it was a pretty humorous scene to see. The next day, it begins to drive Mawari up the wall. Like PSYCHO BITCH kinds of crazy. She begins to call out everyone until she eventually sees San and Nagasumi leave the home together. Can you say screwed? Yeah, interrogation, rape, murder, bribery all seem to follow suit. Well, ok, I made some of that up. But all chaos begins to break out as the truth reveals itself to the school. That wonderful fishy smell is in the air…

Well, it was bound to happens sooner or later. People in this show need to learn to stop spilling water wherever they please. And especially in San’s direction. But in the frantic scramble to dry her off, Mawari catches what’s fishy for what it really is. San and Nagasumi’s relationship isn’t just fishy…so is San. What follows is probably the more Seiji Kishi part of the episode. AKA utter chaos as Nagasumi tries to protect San from Mawari’s watery attacks. While Mawari is right on track, THROWING OVER A FISH TANK, might be a little much. I’m actually amazed that this went unnoticed to San who should probably worry about such things. These fishy types have to stick together right?

After school again, Mawari takes a different approach. CATS. And lots of them. Now it’s either really adorable to see San covered in cats, disturbing, or a turn on. I can’t quite decide on which of those it really was, but I guess you can be the judge of your own stance. Either way, this proves to be the last straw for Nagasumi. ABOUT FUCKING TIME. He eventually takes out his anger on Mawari and sends her running off. Right into the headlights of a car. If I didn’t see that one coming, then I’d file that I’ve gone completely plot predicting blind. But no, they don’t let a sweet girl get hit by a car. Thank you Seiji Kishi. Instead, they have San unleash her mermaid fury upon her surroundings. Yeah…she saves the two. BUT SHE FUCKING DESTROYS THE BLOCK AND THE CAR. Now maybe I’m crazy, but I’m more worried about who was driving that car rather than Mawari. I mean…are you kidding me? That vehicle was flipped and sent into a wall. Crazy Mermaid Yakuza are calling hits!

In yet another example of warm fuzzies gone wrong, Mawari awakens to San and Nagasumi. Oh, and Saru comes in to ruin the moment. Complete with forced laughther (which is utterly creepy mind you) and some flower (filled to the brim with water). BET YOU CAN’T GUESS WHAT COMES NEXT. In true fashion, the water is magnetically attracted to San and once again exposes her true self. But Mawari comes to the rescue and covers her up just in time. In what could be considered the real resolve, she takes off and leaves the two with Saru as her bondaged love slave.

Conclusion: Warm

This is one of those wavering opinion episodes. It was good but there were a lot of those “meh” moments for me. I think Seiji Kishi really does the job well when he has some good source material to work off of. He may have bombed my favorite series but at least he’s doing justice to something I’ve never even heard of. Wait…something isn’t right with that. Well, despite Seiji Kishi, this series continues to keep me a bit impressed. It has it’s good sense of jokes, knows how to continue humor (they finally let up on the Masa-san joke for this week) without killing it too much. Unlike GA-Rune, I feel like the same scene isn’t being recycled over and over and over again. With good characters, over the top slapstick, and some brief times to feel warm and fuzzy, this episode did a good thing.

Next week is the apperance of Luna. AKA San’s (or Sun, if you will) arch nemesis. Now that we’ve proved Nagasumi has things to deal with, it looks like San will have to step up to the plate as well. I have mixed feelings about Luna right now. She seems appealing but I also got her card with my copy of Romantic summer rather than San. This makes me angry as I really wanted the San card. But that’s just my personal grief with her.

Speaking of rubbing jokes into the ground…



  1. i don’t know, i really really liked this episode. glad i watched this after lucky star or else lucky star would’ve been even more “meh” than it already was. i was looking more at the good things than bad things though in this episode. i actually didn’t realize that the director is the same one that did GAru~ne, which is a major surprise seeing as how….uhh….”great” GAru~ne was. as long as he stays away from the GA series, i’ll put my trust in him for this series. which leads me to the next question….why the hell did he screw GAru~ne so badly yet did such a great job directing this series (so far) such as this? i think he should’ve played the game more or something to get better ideas *cough more air time for kazuya cough*.

    oh and check our usual message board if you haven’t yet. after 5 days of deadness, someone actually posted. gee i wonder who

  2. not update?

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