Likkun is Bored: Gurren Lagann Incident

May 1, 2007

Honestly, I have to admit to this. Aside from doing school work, Pokemon Pearl has completely consumed my free time. Yes, I feel ashamed slightly but it’s still too damn fun to put down. After finally gaining access to the Daycare, I’ve been messing around with breeding. This has also given me an iron grip over the GTS as I can get about anything I want.

So while I was absent, I totally missed out on one of the FUCKING FUNNIEST THINGS EVER. What am I addressing when I say this? No, not Sony decapitating a goat. I mean the whole 4chan vs. 2ch. vs. Gurren Lagann thing. Yeah, that.


So let me just clear this up. I apprecite Gurren Lagann for the serious as it is. Yeah, I said numerous times it’s cliched crap. But so is a lot of stuff nowadays. It does what it sets out to do though and I can’t really say much more than that. BUT, I guess by dropping all contact after the fourth episode, I missed out on something fun.

So let’s go over the backstory here.

Gurren Lagann starts but there is some negative feedback. Directors get a little edgy about the negative feedback and start insulting 2ch. Episode 4 has some slightly bad art quality (as I hear). Haters have an aneurysm because of the art. 2ch proceeds to get revenge by spamming the blog with thousands of garbage comments. 4chan does…well what 4chan does best. What’s that you say? ABSOLUTELY FREAKING NOTHING. 4chan and 2ch argue with eachother even though they can’t understand eachother. People with a firm grip on both languages laugh at them like giddy school girls.

That’s the gist of everything so far. It seems like hostility is still the same on both sides. I NEVER and I really mean NEVER click anything that leads me to 4chan. And as for 2ch, I’m not a big fan either. But let’s get my affiliation with each party straight.

Gurren Lagann Producers – Don’t care. I don’t go to 2ch. I don’t like your show but I believe you’re worthy of a thumbs up.

2ch – I go there every now and then. I really don’t enjoy the company aside from my friends. Plus I’m too “gifted” when it comes to the kanji keyboard to post anything worthwhile.

4chan – If you don’t know my relationship with this then you don’t know me well enough. I believe word crisis could be solved by eliminating this nuisance.

This all comes down to the fact that both 2ch and 4chan are the respective garbage dumps of their society. Honestly, regular patrons of both these sites (meaning those who post not just browse pictures) are usually dumb as bricks. I don’t know everyone there but the majority speaks for itself. Everyone I’ve met under the influence is pretty much an idiot or I can’t stand talking to them.

But before all war breaks about between sides, I figure I want to brief each side.

Dear Mimori Keiko and Takami Akai,
I enjoy the fact you finally put 2ch in their place. Yes, a large majority of people there are rather brainless sometimes. I actually appreciate the sheer amount of balls it takes to make the comments you did. Just for what you said alone, I almost FEEL like watching Gurrenn Lagann. I really wish you the best of luck in the future. Lord knows you’re going to need it.

Dear 2ch,
Honestly guys…they’re right. I’ve been to 2ch and seen some of the crap that goes down there. While there are plenty of respectable minds hidden among the mass, a lot of you are just a bunch of annoying otaku. Don’t think that stupid doramas and series depicting you as the source of a cute love comedy can save you. Honestly, you’re one of the biggest out there and so is Walmart. But I don’t see myself going to either of you because of that fact. I’ll go to the smaller community stores and partake of quality rather than idiocy and garbage. But hey, at least you guys try to argue something with clear points.

Dear 4chan,
Wow. I’ll never get what drives you people. If I could figure out how the mind of a 4channer worked, then I really would find a way to reverse this train of thought. It’s nice to see you spamming something else though and I’m glad that a majority can’t understand what the hell you’re saying. But hey, keep on fighting to feel like you’re making a difference. Especially when you’re pirating the anime and talking about how you support the company. Then maybe a fraction of you go and purchase the actual DVDs. Sorry that arguing with any reason is out of your league. But I’m sure that screaming “ALL ELEVENS MUST DIE” really advances things. Anime parodies don’t count as support for your arguments.

But like I said before, dance away monkeys. I could honestly deal with all three of these things destroying each other. Gurren Lagann is expendable, 2ch has never been that great, and 4chan…well…you get the picture. Sorry to waste time posting about something so old and so pointeless but it really made me laugh. Hopefully an article with point will be up later or tommorow. Once I finish training my Gible.


One comment

  1. I don’t care that much that you trash talked Gurren Lagann,
    but in all seriousness, it’s a pretty good anime.
    I don’t care about the whole 4chan vs. 2ch thing, because they both are a little out of place on the subject. ADV picked up GL’s license and it’s a real pain for everyone. Everyone just wants to watch the series, and that’s it. it’s only 13 episodes into the series and it already got picked up.

    episode 4’s artwork is noticeably poorer than the rest of the series, btw, just like the pivotal Naruto fight scenes are noticeably better in quality. (Sasuke V Oro, Naruto v Sasuke, so on)

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