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Anime Expo┬« 2007 Announces Third U.S. Guest of Honor

May 31, 2007

Bet you can’t guess who it is…

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Likkun is Bored: Spring 2007 and Pink Haired Psychos

May 27, 2007

Man it feels like forever since I’ve written a real article. Most likely because it has been serious ages since that time. Thank you Ouendan 2 and Seto no Hanayome for keeping me alive during finals. I still regret not ordering the two Seto no Hanayome Live Singles, if I had known earlier I seriously would have pre-ordered them before. Oh well.Getting on topic though, this season has revealed a strange fact to me. Not only have I been attracted to several pink haired girls this season that all seem to be hiding more than they should be. Whether it be serious split personality issues or just being damn scary, it looks like Spring has more than I can keep track of.

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Real Posts == Coming Soon

May 24, 2007

Well, here goes. I was involved in a nasty accident recently where I received a really bad knock on the head. After numerous times of being reminded of who and where I was, I finally began to understand things more. It was lately that someone told me what I invested all my time in and they steered me to here. After reading through a couple of things I had posted, I realized what was going on. So after catching up on a load of things that needed downloading I decided that I should try and get back to normal life.

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Seto no Hanayome – Episode 6 Review

May 8, 2007

I’m back from Golden Week and more ready for some reviewing action than ever. I’m back in full force…thank god for that.

Well, it’s another one of those days. Where I almost decided not to review and then I ended up doing so anyway. I got tired of ero games for awhile and finally got to screencapping Seto no Hanayome. Since I figured I’d be reviewing this and Hitohira, solely from now on I’m sticking to that plan. Mostly because I don’t see too many others going over these two and I believe both are worth a look. And it’s not the GA-Rune point and laugh at the bad director kind of look this time.

Mermaid Love Comedy Time!


Likkun is Bored: Gurren Lagann Incident

May 1, 2007

Honestly, I have to admit to this. Aside from doing school work, Pokemon Pearl has completely consumed my free time. Yes, I feel ashamed slightly but it’s still too damn fun to put down. After finally gaining access to the Daycare, I’ve been messing around with breeding. This has also given me an iron grip over the GTS as I can get about anything I want.

So while I was absent, I totally missed out on one of the FUCKING FUNNIEST THINGS EVER. What am I addressing when I say this? No, not Sony decapitating a goat. I mean the whole 4chan vs. 2ch. vs. Gurren Lagann thing. Yeah, that.

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