Spring 2007 Survival: Group 1 – Week 3

April 17, 2007

Well, it’s back at the beginning again and probably a critical junction in that sense. This week, I plan on knocking out about everything that I either hate or think is just going to take up space. So I don’t know when I weekly recap will happen, but I should probably do a Vs. post sometime this week so you’ll know what I’m comparing. I’ll get to that when I get to it though. Just expect the groups to be considerably smaller come Week 4.

More humorously, I was discussing each new season of anime with my friend. Obviously, the world of anime is usually boring if you follow it closely (yes, it is). I find myself more along the lines of sleeping during th week than actually watching the show. Frankly, if I were to draw a comparsion, it’d be like if I changed this site to watching every American Sitcom with whatever season the U.S. seperates them into. Half of them would suck so bad it wouldn’t be funny but like with anime, there may be something I enjoy. If you don’t get that comparsion, I don’t care but it’s the same. Actually, I’m going to change the site. Now you’ll be seeing me do Spring 2007 Survival with awesome gems like George Lopez, Two and a Half Men, and other crap like that. The world is just so exciting isn’t it?

Gurren Lagann

Awards: Gettai, Action Galore, Stupid Humor

Week 1: Strike
Week 2: Strike
Week 3: Strike

When I say stupid humor, I guess I mean it in a good way. Gurren Lagann was probably better for me this week and I would have loved it if I was still a young viewer. I can say I’m a young viewer, but more in the junior high schoolgirl sense. Wait, what? Anyhow, this series isn’t BAD for everyone. If you’re looking for a younger themed humor coupled with fanservice and decent action, you might enjoy this. Frankly, I’ve met my mecha and humor quota for the season a long time ago and keeping this around just seems like a nuisance.

Hayate no Gotoku!

Awards: Best Fanservice Shot, Great Humor, Dragonball Z Reference

Week 1: Save, save, save
Week 2: Save
Week 3: Save

Staying consistent as usual, Hayate no Gotoku! was another episode worth keeping around. This worked as a way for Hayate to fully explain his commitment to Nagi and it wrapped it up pretty nicely. Evidently, these past two episodes were supposed to be flashbacks, guess I should have paid more attention to that. But there’s really not too much to say about this one. It’s funny, has a tremendously good DBZ reference, and has a talking tiger. While the episode is probably nothing more than more introduction to the main characters, I still believe it’s worth it’s weight in gold.

Lucky Star

Awards: References Galore, Creativity, Rebound

Week 1: Neutral
Week 2: Save

The second episode of Lucky Star was definitely a rebound from it’s original. Packed full of references and light humor, this is what I expect to see more out of this series. All the segments weren’t perfectly organized but they fit much better than it did with the first episode. The split-screen view of different character habits was a creative effect and the different camera angles were done nicely in that sense. If this series continues to get progressively better with each episode, then we have an unstoppable force on our hands.

Seto no Hanayome

Awards: Natsuko Kuwatani, Fanservice Galore

Week 1: Neutral
Week 2: Save
Week 3: Save

Natsuko Kuwatani is back in her element. And by her element, I mean saying “desu” after every fucking sentence. While she was pretty much the only choice for Maki, I choked when I first heard that hermit assasin open her mouth. Despite the Maki factor, this episode was more fanservice than anything. Not like I mind that as I could go for some San fanservice anyday of the week. My favorite characters are becoming more freakish by the week.

Heroic Age

Awards: Actual Humor, Action Action Action

Week 1: Neutral
Week 2: Neutral
Week 3: Neutral

Well, this is getting repetitive. But in reality, Heroic Age took a bit of a different turn this week. Mostly because it had Age running around like a dumbass doing dumbass things in dumbass ways. Despite that, this episode still met it’s usual quota of kick ass mecha action. I don’t know if the humor was for me, but at least the action was there. I’ll see how this matches up with Kissdum this week, since they’re my most announced pairing.

Nanoha Strikers

Awards: Best of Group, Best Action, Tons of Action, Desired Episode

Week 1: Save
Week 2: Save
Week 3: Save

So it seems like every week I find myself saying, “I want this and this to happen next week.” As if on cue, Nanoha StrikerS always seems to answer my prayer and give me EXACTLY what I wanted to see. And this episode was so on the right track that I nearly jumped out of my chair. Well…I probably did jump out of my chair. But this episode was great to see the new characters in full throttle. The first episode was pretty amazing, but this was just too much fun to watch. Even the two newest characters (meaning Erio and Caro Ru) were able to show off what they could do. After seeing this though, I honestly don’t know what to ask for next. Caro Ru fanservice? Well, that’s not much of a prayer as just me being the terrible person that I am.

Well, Group 1 is dong the best job of staying consistent in quality. I could even go as far to say that they’re all getting better as the weeks go on. On the fact that two of my anticipated series are here probably adds to some of that factor though. But I honestly believe that all of these series were more enjoyable then they may have been before. I look forward to coming weeks as progressive improvement is deadly when series are already starting good. But I’m not counting any chickens just yet…

Well, Group 2 is tommorow again. I’m hoping for change but I’m certainly not expecting it. Maybe they all managed to learn something from the last beating they took. Hopefully they’ll leave me with something to say about them, at the least.



  1. i’m watching all but 2 of the shows that you’re grading and we’re pretty much on the same track in grading. i’m actually surprised that you but nanoha strikers as best in group for this week…not that i don’t agree with you because i do, heh. i have a feeling we’ll be seeing caro all the time in the screen cap you put for strikers, huh. i hope you’re request for the next strikers episode is false because caro is now THE most innocent loli ever in the nanoha series and it would be a crime for fanservice of her. seeing erio get some goodness from her from the 2nd episode marked him for death. now if we can get some of tiana and fate that would right down my alley.

  2. Heh, nice ratings… Gotta say aside from Hayate, Gurren was the funniest episode this week… Being the mecha freak that I am the whole “GETTAI!” scene had me rolling around laughing like an idiot…

    Though I want to watch Heroic Age which does look funnier, if only the only fansub out wasn’t a babelfish translation….

    Although the StrikerS was good this week, it certainly wasn’t mah favorite. Maybe it’s because I don’t really like the two newbies very much..
    heh, gettai!

  3. @uragayduck
    It may be a crime, but the thought won’t relinquish itself from my mind. While I enjoyed the other series this week, this is the first episode of StrikerS that’s really stood out as the best. Hayate was good but a lot less satisfying then usual. Lucky Star still has to pick up the pace. And Seto no Hanayome was still a bit too obnoxious to call the best. Maybe it wasn’t the greatest episode, but it was definitely more enjoyable then everything else I watched.

    What are you doing around here? Bored or something?

    Yeah, you know I’m not the crazy mecha fan that you are. I was able to laugh at it but it wasn’t worth giving the episode anymore than an honor for doing it.

    What happened to, “I’m not watching your crazy shoujo” that you seemed to point out to me? I didn’t expect you to be watching StrikerS of all things. And don’t say you don’t like the new characters because I’ll honest to god put a bullet in your head. If you don’t know why, refer back to my previous comments on Group 1.

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