Spring 2007 Survival: Group 3 – Week 2

April 15, 2007

Eh, always finding myself busy with this. Well, I have a feeling that I’ll be doing Group 3 on Saturdays unless I’m lucky. I really do need to find some co-writers for the blog to help get some articles out. I was planning to do some individual (as in non Spring 2007 anime related) but I got too busy to mess with it. I don’t know, I’ll take these things as they come. I should probably be interested in more active readers than writers at the moment.


Awards: Amazing Music, Strange Addiction

Week 1: Save
Week 2: Save
Week 3: Save

I can probably say that I was a bit merciful with Hitohira last week. Despite that though, this week truly made up for what I may have overlooked. The series seems to have finally picked up and it definitely took me with it. This week got a bit more indepth with some characters and we got to see what a cruel bitch Nono is. There’s also the ongoing gag of Chitose’s affiliation with the two clubs. But that’s probably not my biggest thing with this episode. What managed to top everything else was the amazing piano score that the series pulled out of NOWHERE. I was in awe at how this somehow pulled out the best music I’ve heard so far. Not only that, but I actually found myself cheering Mugi on at the end of the episode. Geez, this series just does a good job of making me feel bad about myself.

Nagasarete Airantou

Awards: Fanservice Galore, Crazy Antics

Week 1: Save
Week 2: Neutral

Once again I find myself somewhat enjoying this series. It’s not too stellar, but it stays true to what it sets out to do. And that’s create crazy antics where one male must save himself from horny female related death. The one thing I like about Airantou is that it plays it pretty smart when it comes to fanservice. It doesn’t overuse it in most cases and it still throws some to please those out to get it. The humor isn’t bad and the male loses more blood through nosebleeds than the fighters do in Mortal Kombat. The fact that it seems so simple seems to be the thing that attracts me. Like I said, it may not be perfect but it’s definitely better than other harem series I’ve been forced to sit through.

Romeo x Juliet

Awards: Good Balance, Fun Adaption

Week 1: Save
Week 2: Save

Romeo x Juliet is proving to be one of those really stunning series this Season. In this episode, it kept another nice balance of story, humor, and action. With all of it really well done, I can’t really complain. I don’t know if it’s unfair that it’s based off something but it’s really not following the Romeo and Juliet story too much. Names are the same but some characters are drastically different from their original counterparts. I think this is what makes the series what it is though. I thought it was going to be a real cut and dry copy off the original story at first and it’s spin on it is what I’m really liking about it. Not only that, but it’s music hasn’t been bad either. Next week seems like more action, so I’m looking forward to it.

Kishin Taisen Gigantic Formula

Awards: Kick Ass Mecha Action, Quality Drop, Patched up Eyes

Week 1: Neutral
Week 2: Neutral

Once again, Gigantic Formula does things wrong and things right. For one, their eyes didn’t look half as big in this episode in comparison in the first. In exchange though, they managed to drop the animation and drawing quality altogether. I didn’t really mind it TOO much but I’m hoping they fix it. In comparison with that though, the mecha action in this was a blast to watch. For one, I’m really starting to enjoy the music they use throughout the series. Then there’s the action scene this time around. I really don’t like CG too much, but it seems to be allowing them to do some pretty interesting things. I enjoy how they’re allowing the main robot to attack it’s enemies ala Megman style. By using the arm it acquired last episode, it was able to steal and use it’s enemy’s main weapon. Maybe I’m the only one who found that scene awesome but if it can do more action like this than I’m ready for more of this series.

Kaze no Stigma

Awards: Old Fashioned Violence, Interesting Characters

Week 1: Neutral
I don’t have too much to say about this series. It has some interesting things to it but it’s not something I really have interest in watching right now. I’ll probably be putting it up against another action series and see which one I’m enjoying more. If the second episode does something more for me, than maybe I’ll be more motivated to talk about it. The fact the action actual contained blood somehow came as a suprise to me. I didn’t expect it at least, but I didn’t really know what to expect in general from this series. Girl with a sword may have given me a clue on blood.

Darker than BLACK-Kuro no Keiyakusha-

Awards: Old Fashioned Violence, Awesome Male Lead, Great Music

Week 1: Save
Week 2: Save

This series is the other nice break from the normal. Darker than Black had a lot more action this week, and it was too fun to pass up talking about. Actually, I think this may be one of the few action series I’m really looking forward to in the week. The story got a lot more interesting this week and the male lead is someone I actually don’t mind seeing more of. With a good plot and excellent music (this was obvious though), I have a feeling I may start writing reviews on this eventually. On another note, the action of this series was a lot more violent then I expected. Pulling out someone’s heart was probably something I didn’t see coming. But with a title like “Darker than Black”, I guess a depressing sort of thing is to be expected.

Kaibutsu Oujo

Awards: Adorable Speechless Maid Loli

Week 1: Neutral
Like Kaze no Stigma, I don’t feel like I have enough to say about this series yet. Like it’s award says, it does have a maid loli which is combining two moes at once. Not only that but she’s crazy strong to boot (like carrying a tree strong). I think this will end up competing with Shining Tears when it comes to more series I plan to match up. They’re both looking like they might be decent action series but I don’t think I have the time or hard drive space to support both.

Kamichama Karin

Awards: More Stereotypical Mahou Shoujo, Huge Eyes

Week 1: Strike x100
Week 2: Strike

Once again, I can’t find myself able to stand this series. Not only that, but I also forgot to mention how the opening of this series totally does not fit the show. ALI PROJECT? I mean c’mon, they were perfect with the gothic lolita image of Rozen Maiden but not THIS bubbly crap. This manga may get better later (as I’ve been told) but I’ll join you when that happens in the anime. I serously can’t stomach this. Oh, and lest I forget that this series totally beat Gigantic Formula in terms of gigantic eyes. If you can’t see from the screenshot, they’re going to eat you alive, almost like they ate his face.


Awards: Unexpected Action, More Crazy Plot, Girl in a Box

Week 1: Save
Week 2: Save

This series is once again looking to be promising. Like Hitohira, it’s definitely getting up to a good start. But honestly, I still can’t believe all of this is coming out of this series. If anything, this is proving to be the biggest shocker this season. The characters are staying pretty fresh, I want to see more (and not in the Touka Gettan way), and the music and animation is staying consistent. Despite complimenting it, I don’t quite know what to say more about this series. I definitely hope it does the same next week because this is yet another series I don’t feel too scared of watching more of.

Shining Tears X Wind

Awards: Consistent Animation, Story Development

Week 1: Neutral
Week 2: Neutral

Shining Tears is progressing pretty smoothly once again. But with all the action series starting to take shape already, I’m really wondering what will stay and go. I know a lot of people will enjoy this series and I can say that I don’t hate it in anyway. It’s just my belief that I can focus my attention on some more promising series like now. Right now, Shining Tears will stay what it is, a good adaption but nothing that really breaks the normal for me.

Group Three proved to be a lot more varied this week. It may be what was added in, but it wasn’t as shocking as it was last week. Actually, I don’t think that any series really deviated from what their ranks were before. I have a feeling that this Group will come down to matching up with a lot of other series elsewhere. There’s some real gems that are staying hidden within this group that I’m looking forward to following as well. Once I fix up my schedule again, I’m sure this group will definitely contain a lot of interesting series when narrowed down.

Tommorow means more of the same. Actually, I’ve already viewed Lucky Star Episode 2 and am looking forward to talking about it. Then there’s series like Hayate, that I hope can keep up with their current streak. So until tommorow, I’ll be waiting for more series to be released throughout the day.


One comment

  1. i was a bit iffy about kaze no stigma when i first saw a picture of the girl. i instantly thought, “oh great, here comes the shana wannabe”. really, to have a red haired sword wielding girl go up against the untouchable shana is just plain stupid…..but i fell for it. i was curious to see how the show would turn out. i was right in one thing but wrong on another. i was right that the girl’s got nothing on shana, but i was wrong about the show centering around that girl ala shana.

    let’s mention your beloved hitohira now Likkun, heh. it’s funny how that show has that certain charm to not be crappy mostly because of mugi’s seiyuu. interesting how when she yells she sounds much more professional than when she’s trying to mumble out some words. music wise, i didn’t pay much attention to it which is strange since i do listen to the bg music for most shows. i’d have to say the music in nanoha wins for coolness and nodame cantabile wins for overall greatness. nodame cantabile is all about music so it better have a kick ass soundtrack and it does.

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