Spring 2007 Survival: Group 2 – Week 2

April 12, 2007

Man, my schedule has been pretty rough so I had to put this off a day. Well, not really today anymore as much as early morning Thursday. But whatever, I haven’t forgotten to try and keep up with things. Even though I still have about 2 hours of stuff to watch by the end of tonight.

Group 2 is back again and hopefully with a more generous showing than last week.

Touka Gettan

Awards: Great Music, Great Animation, Still Confusing

Week 1: Strike
Week 2: Strike
As pretty as everything is in this anime, I really wish I knew what the fuck was going on. This week was a little less confusing but I still can’t wrap my mind around all this parallel universe, ambiguos character nonsense they’re throwing at me. Not only that but it doesn’t help that the male is more feminine apperance wise than some of the other girls. At least he SOUNDS like a guy though, which keeps me from mistaking him for something else. Not much to say here aside from the usual. I don’t plan on stopping watching this even after three strikes, but I won’t be talking about it for the most part until an episode really wows me. Everything else about it is appealing and the story will have to make sense eventually…at least I hope it does.

El Cazador de la Bruja

Awards: ZZZZZzzzzZZZZ…

Week 1: Neutral
Week 2: Strike
You know, last week I really thought this series might pick up. It appears that I was dreadfully wrong about that one. Where nothing dropped quality wise…it was the exact same format. Boring first half, Ellis goes crazy, Ellis is almost captured, Ellis is saved, the two take off with no problem. I wouldn’t mind the pattern if the whole beginning half didn’t put me to sleep. The little side stories are nice, but when each character only shows up for one episode, I’d rather you not focus SO MUCH on them. Maybe I’m missing something here or maybe this series will prove to me I’m wrong. But at the end of the day, it really feels like nothing can be accomplished by watching this series when there is a lot of better things out there.


Awards: Most Random Scene, Adorable Loli

Week 1: Neutral
Week 2: Save
Idolmaster was one of the FEW (and I mean few) series to undergo some improvement this week. It went through the trouble of introducing characters (much like Nanoha did) while still keeping the episode funny and fanservicey. It also has Haruka…flying on top of a Penguin. This is not only strange but they’re flying over a field of flowers…and penguins can’t even fly. Now just when I thought Hayate (Hayate no Gotoku!) had messed up dreams, I doubt that it can even compare. Actually now that I think about it, the flying penguin almost reminds me of Spanky the Dolphin. Oh, and this also had the winner of the loli award in this group. Little girls drawing pictures is always cute, am I right?

Kissdum -ENGAGE planet-

Awards: Action Crazy, Large Improvement

Week 1: Neutral
Week 2: Save
All the shortcomings I saw last week in Kissdum seemed incredibly repaired this week. The transitions were fixed for the most part and there was just as much action packed bug combat. This series may have it’s downsides but the serious amount of action in this really makes up for it. The story is semi-engaging and I’m starting to like some of the characters now. At the end of the week, I’ll be matching up series to help eliminate them in the third week. This will most likely be going up against Heroic Age (they both fight bugs, get it?) and it looks like it may pull out a win. I also have to ask Satelight this one thing. Why in the HELL did you do GA-Rune? It’s obvious from this that you don’t suck as an animation studio, and I somehow figured that in the first place. GA-Rune was TOTALLY not your series, since obviously you like animating gigantic bugs trying to crush people more so. So why did they hire you again? Please tell me your answer because they didn’t use ships often enough to let you show your true potential in Rune.


Awards: Conversation Heavy

Week 1: Neutral
Week 2: Neutral
Probably good that it didn’t drop at all, but it didn’t do much to impress me. Claymore, this time around, was loaded up with dialogue more so than anything else. It goes more into what it’s about, which is always a good thing. There’s actually not too much to say aside from that. Probably a little bit of a step down from last week in comparison since it certainly is lacking the action segments we had. Despite that, once the story is explained we can get back to killing, so I can’t hate this episode for doing that.

Kono Aozora ni Yakusoku wo~Youkosou-gumi Ryou e~

Awards: Scary Bad

Week 1: Strike
Week 2: Strike
I think anybody watching this series could see that it’s not good. To be honest, I have a theory about this series. I believe this is used by the Japanese as a torture device to control prisoners. Disobedient? Need to be corrected? Just turn this on the TV and all of them will drop to the ground and start having seizures. So if I were to ever prescribe this anime to someone, I’d have to write this, “Side effects may include: nausea, dizziness, AIDs, cancer (all types), seizures, panic attacks, depression, insomnia, spontaneous combustion, fainting, pregnancy, and death.”

Sisters of Wellber

Awards: Hot Talking Tank Action

Week 1: Neutral
Week 2: Neutral
This is becoming another one of those series I’m really apathetic about and is probably going to be pitted against someone come next week. Sisters of Wellber isn’t bad but it’s not doing much to get me really excited right now. After what happened last week, things kind of dumbed down a bit. That’s not to say this episode was horrible, but it did feel awkward. It may have been the return of Mr. Talky the Talky Tank in all his screaming glory. I have enough average series as it is though, and this may or may not be the one I follow closely. If you think otherwise, make sure to tell me that I’m wrong somehow.

Shinkyouku Soukai Polyphonica

Awards: Strange, Animation Quality Drop

Week 1: Neutral
Week 2: Strike
I’m kind of torn when it comes to Polyphonica. The fact it airs at 4:00 a.m. gives off the whole, “couldn’t get a better time slot” vibe and this episode really showed that. I don’t know how to receive this series as at first I thought it would be kind of action heavy. Then I thought it may be a little unserious. This week, well I just didn’t get it anymore. The characters seem out of place at times and then new ones just seem to randomly pop up and be important. I’m still going to follow this series for now, but I have yet to figure out how to watch it. There’s also the fact the animation for it hasn’t been to stellar. The parts they want to be good come out alright and there’s times when you can just tell they were being lazy. At least the music is staying consistently good though…

Group Two was probably even worse this week then it was last week. While series like Idolmaster and Kissdum really stepped up to fight my thoughts, the others just kind of flopped over dead. I know I was lucky to see no drop in Episode 2 up until now, but now that I see it here, it puts me in a frustrated state of mind. I really want to watch some of these series, honestly. But if you’re not going to try, why should I try watching you? There has to be some effort on both ends my friends and I know all of you can do better.

Today, well techincally yesterday, was my favorite day. Of course the report isn’t until Friday but I’m hoping they’ll all wow me like they did before. It really made up for my Tuesday last time and I’m praying it goes the same.


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  1. this probalby won’t go noticed but i had to mention it. if there was anything to come out of the 2nd episode of el cazador it had to be the….uhh…..dream sound of every shimizu ai fan out there. that was the first time i’ve heard any sound like that coming out from her and believe me that raised my eyebrow like no other. i was more like “oh my gosh, is that my shimizu ai making that sound?? NO!!!” than “hell yeah! turn up the volume!!”.

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