Spring 2007 Survival: Group 1 – Week 2

April 10, 2007

So now that things have gone back to normal. Well for me anyway. I decided that when it comes to Lucky Star, I’m not on the fence anymore. No, I’m buried under it and ignoring everyone else around me. When I decide that I have a decision about things, then I’ll burrow and see what’s going on again. Until then, I’m just gonna watch, make my comments, and take off.

Now it’s time to look at another thrilling week of anime. At least I think it’s pretty thrilling since Group 1 is pretty exciting. Well it’d be really exciting if an HD raw of Nanoha StrikerS was out, but that’s a different story.

Gurren Lagann

Awards: Still Too Shounen, Screaming Attack Names, Super Robots

Week 1: Strike
Week 2: Strike
Once again, I can’t find myself getting into this series. Maybe I’m not much of a kid enough or not man enough for this series. But either way, the humor has only been appealing to a single side of me. After awhile, the constant yelling from the main hero in fear and blatant fanservice gets kind of boring. I like the idea of Super Robots and tend to enjoy them more than Real Type Robots, but this series just isn’t doing it for me. With series like Kissdum, Heroic Age, Gigantic Formula, and Idolmaster out there, it’s hard to keep around something like this. Usually, I’d keep watching it, but I’m pretty sure by next week, I’ll be forgetting this series is out there among all the other mecha series.

Lucky Star

Awards: Best Opening, Relaxing Humor, Good Adaption, Akira

Week 1: Neutral
After a long wait to see the first episode, Lucky Star did a lot of things wrong and a lot of things right. As of now, I don’t doubt this series will be good but if KyoAni doesn’t pick up the pieces and fix a few things, then maybe I’ll be wrong. For now, I’ll say their organization was horrible. Things were disorganized and it was hard to laugh at one joke for very long. Each seperate segment was funny on it’s own, but when jointed together it just felt really strange. I’d tell the staff right now to look at things like Ichigo Mashimaro and Azumanga and try and organize like they were able to. If they can do that, then everything else is good right now and that’s what really needs to be adjusted to get me laughing consistently.

Hayate no Gotoku!

Awards: Great CV Work, Good Humor, G*****

Week 1: Save, save, save
Week 2: Save
Hayate did not fail to entertain me for another week. And for the most part, it was completely consistent in about everyway. Rie Tanaka did a great job as Maria as she held the majority of lines during the episode. With the humor being consistent and the censorship of Gundam, it really reminded me of any great parody show. And despite it’s morning air time, it still manages to squeeze just as much fanservice as it wants to in there. In all, I’m pretty sure after next week that I can consider Hayate no Gotoku! as safe as safe can be. Since it couldn’t have really gotten kicked off of my schedule in the first place.

Seto no Hanayome

Awards: Funniest Moment, Sex Jokes Galore, Suprise Hit

Week 1: Neutral
Week 2: Save
After last week, I didn’t really know if I could enjoy Seto no Hanayome. It wasn’t until this week that I really realized something about Seiji Kishi. The man is just a regular pervert like everybody lse. Looking back, I realized that Magikano, Galaxy Ange-rune, and now this had sex jokes galore. Don’t believe me that this is the same? Well…

Bow Chicka Bow Wow

Seriously though, this scene had me crying. I actually was eating at the time and started to choke when I saw this one. The entire episode was really great though and even though jokes were repeated (and a lot), it was still funny. Not only that but San is still so freaking adorable that it’s hard to pass up watching this. With that though, I was still really suprised at how much this episode made me laugh.

Heroic Age

Awards: Still Serious, Best Action

Week 1: Neutral
Week 2: Neutral
Once again, I find another show that’s keeping consistent. This may or may not be a good thing as Heroic Age needs all the help it can get right now. With it’s great looking action sequences, this series will probably be worth it later on. But right now, it’s between this and Kissdum. If Kissdum has the same showing as last week, then they’ll probably be in dead lock until one steps it up. Right now though, this one still looks pretty and is pretty interesting to boot. Kind of ironic though that in both series they’re fighting off bugs. Coincidence? I think not.

Nanoha Strikers

Awards: Good Introductions, Caro Ru! (Carol), Best Fanservice Moment, Possible Male that needs to die, High Quality RAW Please, Anticipation

Week 1: Save
Week 2: Save
Once again, I find myself struggling to get my hands on a HD raw of Nanoha Strikers. Once that moment comes, then everything will be lit up. Until then, I can say this. This episode was probably more what I had expected from the first episode. What I mean by that is how they went about getting you familiar with a lot of the characters. You get to see the new cast now and also the original three in one of the best freaking moments of the episode. I would call it the best if it wasn’t for Caro Ru (Carol? Either works for me) making her first apperance. Then again, this was somewhat ruined by what Erio did. But whatever, they’re in the same unit so there’s going to be interaction. What that interaction might be, I’m going to cast a hex on the guy if there’s more interaction then I might like. Damn you StrikerS! Once I think I’ll feel less gulity because my favorite character was going to be older, you have to change my favorite character to someone young again. Next week has me excited again, as it looks like we may get to see some of the new characters in action again. Maybe.

Group One was probably a bit more improved from last week. While Nanoha StikerS may have lessened the action, they made up for it with some humor and fanservice. Hayate slowed down the pace a bit and focused more on humor as did Seto no Hanayome. I’m sure come next week, we’ll really see how things boil down and what will stay and go. Of course Gurren Lagann looks ready for the axe, Seto no Hanayome looks like it wants to stay alive, and Nanoha StrikerS seems pretty intent on attaining a permanent residence. Either way, I’m looking forward to this group again next week.

Tommorow means we’re back at the mediocrity of Group Two. Not that I’m saying some of them won’t improve but I feel like I’ll be handing out some neutrals again if some of them stay the same as last week. But we’ll see what happens, I have to start watching what was released today.



  1. i knew it! i had a feeling you were gonna have a gif of that scene from seto no hanayome!! i have to say this was probably THE best comdedic episode ever this year so far. it did everything so right that it’s not even funny….well actually it was…stupid saying. you forgot to mention the ongoing gag about nagasumi and masa-san which is one of the funniest parts of the show.

    ahh StrikerS, of course you know how much i worship this series so it warms my heart to see a save. although it would be a bit sad if it only got saved just because of caro ru (i like that version…much better), at least the greatest scene ever made would’ve made up for that. i’m so glad nanoha’s grown up because she’s much more hotter than when she was a runt. and it’s the first fan service shot from StrikerS which i was waiting for. yeah i’m a pervert, but at least it’s ok to see it now she’s older. hahah!! finally an excuse!!!

    here’s something i said in another board that’s relevant:

    “i’m worried about what future opening/endings anime will have now. kyoto animation revolutionized it with SHnY and now lucky star, but now i’m worried that other companies will try to imitate their success by doing that in their own shows and ultimately fail miserably. the dancing craze will kill itself if other companies do it. the only other show that i’ve seen dancing in that i liked was seto no hanayome, GAru~ne, and GA s4 (although it was a small snippet of dancing). please don’t be stupid other companies….let kyoto animation do what they did best”

  2. Yeah, the Masa-san x Nagasumi joke was actually a big part of the episode. I didn’t really bring up too much since I was just kinda skimming over things. But my personal favorite scene after the “sex scene” would be where the ring drops onto Masa-san’s finger. That or when San comments again about how Masa-san was Nagasumi’s first kiss again.

    Don’t worry, Caro Ru was just more reason for me to enjoy the episode. Frankly I liked it because it introduced you more to the new characters all the while showing how the old girls are still there. The fanservice and humor in it were just a bonus. As was the small action we got at the end of the episode.

    I planned to do an article on Opening/Endings actually but it’ll probably have to wait awhile. Mostly because I have to another one of these things tommorow again.

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