When I say Lucky, you say Star.

April 9, 2007


No good? Alright then, let’s get this over with. Since there seemed to be a lot of it today, I figured I’d just switch my review with my usual Anime Survival Post. Unfortunately, Lucky Star will get some thorough treatment rather than screenshots and light-hearted humor. Sorry folks, but it has to be done. Everyone one knows that anything KyoAni deserves the most critical review jobs. No dicking around here.

This morning, I found myself coming dragged home tired and hungry from a morning outing. It being Easter Sunday, I wanted to kick back and enjoy what looked like a promising Sunday. And with the morning release of Lucky Star, things seemed to be pretty damn bright. That was that morning though and the afternoon would hold a lot more than I expected.

But what does this have to do with a review? ABSOLUTELY NOTHING. So with that, let’s try and break this show down a bit starting with when I first started it. So let’s see…turn it on and watch the opening. Simple enough…


What the hell was that? Let’s do it again.


Alright, my brain says make it stop. But every other part says start it over a third time…


So after partaking of the opening a few times, I decided that it was time to get on with the actual anime itself. But before that, another lovely Akira break.


Alright then, let’s get on with this. I’m getting terribly hungry, but it’ll be worth waiting! After the initial sequence of introduction (if you can call it that) we move on to lunch time. Damn, forgot that every slice of life series has it’s main events happen around lunchtime. No matter, they’ll start talking about something hillarious and get my mind off of such things as starvation.

CRAP. Stop talking about food…wait only two minutes into this conversation…it’ll be over soon. Alright…three minutes now…not too bad. FOUR MINUTES DAMN YOU! MUST EAT SOMETHING! (And thus we go to another Akira break.)


So after getting something to snack on while watching, I figured out that there were about two minutes left of that conversation. That was so ironic that it hurt…literally. Anyhow, the show proceeds pretty smoothly after that. A nice simple sense of humor to get you introduced to who all these strange girls are behind the faces. Not only that but the strange bond that they all share…and I don’t mean that sexually. Not yet at least. After the blatant Street Fighter reference, we got into my favorite segement of the show.

Couldn’t you just squeeze her? No, not that way…

The Lucky Channel section was completely Akira awesome. Despite the fact I had never heard of her CV until this point, I fell in love with how she did her voice. But anyhow, after that…we find ourselves at the end. Except for ONE more thing…

Can you say Galaxy Angel II reference in the previews? That was beyond awesome and I beat everyone at 2Ch at spotting it as well. Take fucking that you Japanese bastards.

Likkun Sez: If you couldn’t tell I really had some sort of aneurysm while listening to everybody arguing about this episode. Upon returning to my old self, I figured out there was a lot of strange ways I enjoyed this episode. Whether injuring myself learning the dance or being forced to get food. I may have not laughed my sides off, but I can’t say that I didn’t enjoy the nice break from all the action and mecha I’ve been seeing. When everybody learns to take this series with a grain of salt, I think everyone can learn to enjoy it eventually. Maybe it was all these stupid chains of events that led me to fucking liking this episode where before the aneurysm I almost wanted to stop watching Lucky Star entirely.


One comment

  1. There are so many Anime and Manga references, Heres a few.

    – Haruhi Brigade Captain armband
    – To Heart School Uniform
    – Initial D Racing Section
    – the fact that Konata and Kagami were doing the Drum Arcade Game to The Haruhi Ending song
    – Konata Watches Haruhi in her spare time, and hates Yuki
    – The Gravion Transformation Music modified is Karaoke’d in one of the endings
    – FMP Song Fumoffu in one of the Karaokes
    – Kero-tan Dolls in the UFO Catcher
    – Konata is Playing Versus CITY in Episode 2
    – They Comment on the fact that there were different Seiyuu’s in the Drama CD than the Anime
    – They Mention Detective’s Conan and Kindaichi
    – Cromartie High School reference in episode 3
    – Theres a Bonta-kun doll in Kagami’s Room
    – Kagami eats Pocky, that nobody irl would eat
    – Akira makes a reference to The Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, with “cowabunga” & Splinters famously shit saying from the movies “I made a funny”
    – Yui wears a Bonta-kun Mask on her face at the Festival
    – Kagami shouts “Gettodaze!” when she catches a goldfish
    – A Picture of Archer and the head of Saber from Fate Stay/Nightis seen on the front of a Magazine that Konata holds up at Kagami’s and Tsukasa’s house in episode 5
    – Yui is playing a Nintendo DS at Konata’s House
    – there is severe Lamer speak in Konatas MMO in Episode 5, “ROFLCOPTERSKATESBBQ” being the most notable
    – Akira references that all the characters in the main show are just Actors.

    and thats just up to episode 5…don’t call me a neet…

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