Lucky Star OP

April 8, 2007

Watch it, watch it NOW.



  1. motte ike saigo ni waracchau no wa atashi no hazu
    sailor-fuku dakara desu ketsuron
    getsuyoubi na no ni kigen warui no dou suru yo
    natsufuku ga ii no desu kawaii

  2. All the lyrics in this song are pure gold and completely random at that.

  3. not too many shows can get away with the random lyrics and odd sounding rhythms…but lucky star did. you would think that kyoto animation wouldn’t go for another dance-like intro/outro after the crazy success and popularity of the hare hare yukai dance but they did, and they did it with flying colors. let’s see what they have for the outro next week…it’ll be tough to even match the outro but we’ll see.

  4. I can tell you what would match the outro. Konata doing gangster rap, sporting bling, and doing seven headspins in a row.

    That or their interpretation of “Can’t Touch This”.

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