Spring 2007 Survival: Group 1 – Week 1

April 5, 2007

I decided to reupload this here for two reasons. One, because I wanted to make it more convenient for you to see my first thoughts on some things. And two, because I REALLY wanted to readjust some ratings. After going through the motions this week, I realized just how harsh I was being on some series. Most will probably stay the same, but there are a couple that really need some justice done to them.

By the way, just a note to Hitohira watchers. I want pancakes now.


Awards: Character Personality, Suprise Hit

Week 1: Save
Episode one of Hitohira was a real shocker for me. Why? Because I actually found myself getting into the damn series. Despite my mocking of several aspects, there’s a lot that can be done by this series. As long as they don’t try to center it TOO much on a character advanced plot then they’ll be fine. I’m sure this will be a real on and off kind of series though. Next week, I wouldn’t be suprised if I tear this series a new one when it screws up.

Gurren Lagann

Awards: Mega Shounen, Boob Jokes, Fanservice Heavy

Week 1: Strike
The fact this series wasn’t mentioned on my list doesn’t really help it. Actually, I forgot to stick it on there. If mecha series could get any more shounen, then I don’t what it would look like. Gurren Lagann is probably an unhealthy level of Shounen for me. The actions segments so far have been a little more goofy then serious fighting. But I imagine that’ll change come next episode. The characters aren’t too appealing as of yet either.

Hayate no Gotoku!

Awards: Best Character, Humor, Best CV Casting, Reference, Series of the Week, Best Fanservice Moment, Censorship

Week 1: Save, save, save
Hayate got a full review, which I may or may not repost here. If you’re really that interested, there are plenty of other great anime blogs that covered this series. And chances are, you’ve already seen this and figured things out for yourself.

Seto no Hanayome

Awards: Adorable Female Lead, Obnoxious Male Lead, Ass Crazy, Eardrum Shattering, Best Opening

Week 1: Neutral
Seto no Hanayome really proved one thing to me. Seiji Kishi likes doing really ass crazy, over the top series. The amount of screaming in this episode probably rivaled some DBZ fight scenes. Sure, it’s done in the name of “comedy”, but it’s not so funny after the third time they start yelling. Despite that, San is as cute as a button. If I were Nagasumi, I wouldn’t have hesitated even the slightest bit. And if you don’t think Mermaid Yakuza isn’t ass crazy, then maybe we should sit down and have a talk. The opening of this series is also the best I’ve seen so far. The animation is vibrant and the song is incredibly catchy after awhile. A definite LLAMA canidate for the end of the year.

Heroic Age

Awards: Serious, Half Naked Male Lead, Mechagasm, Best Animated Action

Week 1: Neutral
After getting around to watching Heroic Age after more rest, I was really able to enjoy the series more. It may have not gotten MUCH better, but it definitely didn’t deserve the strike I had originally handed out to it. The story has gotten a larger grip on me now, and the action it had was great in comparison to some other things I’ve seen. I’m kind of loaded up on mech series, but this one is probably fairing as a better canidate due to it’s good looking plotline. You may see tommorow though that it has quite some competition for several reasons.

Nanoha Strikers

Awards: Female Character Overload, Best Action, Most Action Heavy, Anticipation

Week 1: Save
Nanoha StrikerS is probably where I did the greatest of injustices. That may just be the HD RAW talking that I finally received today, but I realize I may have been expecting too much. It may have not introduced the one character I was waiting for, but it’s first episode KILLS in comparison to a lot of others so far. Especially after falling asleep during some series during the Monday-Tuesday stretch, I realized that any show I stay awake for shouldn’t be questioned. On account of the anticipation that’s built in me for the next episode this Sunday, I should probably shut up and admit that this has bumped itself up with Hayate, Lucky Star, and IDOLMASTER in terms of my keepers. There are other series doing that, but definitely not with their first episode alone. So I should probably give credit where credit is due, now that I’ve snapped back to reality where I can’t have every character I want immediately.

Group One was probably the most stellar array of series that one could want. With a lot of big names joining in next week, it’ll probably be even better. The only problem is that Hitohira is getting shifted to Group 3 due to it showing on Wednesdays. You’d be suprised that Hitohira jumping ships IS a big loss, at least to me it is. But with shows like Nanoha, Hayate, Seto no Hanayome, and Heroic Age there seems to be a lot of hope yet. Tuesday with it’s load of series looks like it tried for quantity of quality. As for Sunday, it appears to have both quantity and quality.

Tommorow is Darker than Black, DUN DUN DUN Kami-chama Karin, sola, and Shining Tears. Group 3 will also take it’s first bashing tommorow and you’ll get a laugh at the strange variety of series that it holds.


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