Spring 2007 Survival: Group 2 – Week 1

April 4, 2007

Woo, first post at my new home, whether it be temporary or not. I’m not too fond of how cluttered the edit window of word press can get, but it is a pretty nice set-up. From here, it’s kind of a nice comfy place and a lot easier for people to just put in their name and comment.

I’ve been fairly occupied this week it seems. Whether it be watching show after show or simply chatting it up with some of my old translating buddies. I still haven’t decided if I’m going to go do any translating yet, as of now it’s just a toss up. For the most part, I’m having enough fun trying to see everything I want to see that I probably wouldn’t be using my full abilities anymore. Whatever though, we’re here to talk some anime and it’s time for more strikes and saves.

I’m basically copying and pasting my explanation of my new season system to this blog now. If you’ve already seen this, then go ahead and skip down since you know what’s going on or refresh yourself on how it works. To those of you who might be new, this is how I decide what to keep and what to throw out in the fairest way possible.

Each time I decide that series have built up (doing it at the end of the week is impossible since that’s when most of them are) I’ll give these short little quips about each episode. If I deem it impressive, then it’ll get what I call a “save”. This will be explained later on. If it’s nothing special then I’ll call it “neutral” and it’ll be fine for that week. If it is a particularly unimpressive episode then it’ll get a “strike” which isn’t too hard to figure out.

Now to explain further. Each series is allowed three strikes, think baseball. If they manage to land three, then they’re off the list and probably off my computer. This is where saves come in. If a series gets a save, then they’ll be able to keep one strike from counting. If a series gets three consecutive neutrals, this’ll count as a strike.

There is of course one simple rule and that’s that I make the rules. If a series is longer or shorter, it’ll be graded appropriately. Obviously this system is bad for a 12 episode series as it’ll be over by the time it actually gets enough neutrals. In this case shorter series may be allowed only two strikes or only two neutrals before getting a strike. Oh and some series will receive “special awards” each grouping. This may be beneficial to some and unfair to others, but so are airing times. But these awards may be helpful or harmful to a series’s reputation, so just because it gets something, don’t expect it to help it. Get it? Hope you do because we’re getting started…

Touka Gettan

Awards: Most Confusing First Episode

Week 1: Strike
Touka Gettan has been getting quite an interesting reputation for it’s first episode. Not for the usual reasons though but because no one gets it. I’ve talked to everyone I could about this, even my good friends in Japan who watched it when it aired. Even they couldn’t seem to comprehend what the hell we had just seen. This series has a lot of things going for it but it has to make it so that these things make sense. If they keep throwing these arbitrary events at us in no particular order or no particular explanation, it’ll be nasty. The only thing I was really able to enjoy? All the phallic objects (foods really) that the girls were eating throughout the episode. No, licking a banana (at least it looked like one) isn’t suggestive at all…not at all.

El Cazador de la Bruja

Awards: Gun Fetish, Cheap Shot, Adorable Loli

Week 1: Neutral
El Cazador was probably one of the more suprising series to me this week. If you remembered, I hadn’t accounted for it much when I had first announced my schedule. But right now, it seems like it may find a place yet on my Monday slot. The series was something fresh and was almost reminiscent of Cowboy Bebop but more on the humor side. This is probably because of the HUGE gun fetish this show seems to have. I swear, in the opening and ending, they show a gun in about 90% of the shots. The ending being the more ridiculous one. Not only that, but El Cazador has my favorite loli of the new season yet, Lirio. How can a little girl in a cowboy outfit not be adorable and drinking milk nonetheless? This series may have not had a stellar first episode, but it definitely passed my expectations. That and it had one of the cheapest shots in the world.



Awards: Most Suggestive Food Scene, Sleep Inducing

Week 1: Neutral
I already went over Idolmaster a bit when I had seen it first on the web. Point being, it didn’t do too much to entertain you but simply threw a load of characters at you instead. In this sense, it may have a bit of a Mai-Otome feeling to it but with 100x less action at the end of the episode. For the most part, it was kind of hard to keep your mind with the lack of things happening. Hell, even the characters were falling asleep at times. At least it had one thing going for it, and that was the suggestive lolipop scene they randomly threw in there. Not like I mind or anything but it was about as necessary as Mutsuki and the popsicle in Manabi Straight!

Kissdum -ENGAGE planet-

Awards: Eratic Transitions, Pointless Fanservice, Bug Repellant

Week 1: Neutral
Kissdum was one of the others series that suprised me quite a bit this week. Frankly, I only stuck with it as Shoji Kawamori was doing the mecha designs for the series (same guy who produced the mecha behind Macross 7 and you could NEVER tell by watching Kissdum). Aside from that, Kissdum had a lot of strange transitions. You were constantly flying between scenes in mid-conversation and it even felt like they cut people off at some points. One second you were watching bugs, then crushing bugs, then talking peacefully, then sitting in an innertube during a battle, then fighting giant birds, then talking peacefully, and then screaming bloody murder. Frankly, everything moved fairly fast and you mind really had to keep up on who’s doing what at the time. One of the more amusing things in Kissdum is the enemy they face. Swarms of evil bugs that are capable of blowing up entire ships. There are also random giant beats thrown in taking the shape of birds and other strange monsters. The action itself is fairly fast paced and the characters had a certain draw to them. There’s a variety of types which made me feel like it was trying to be like Nadesico…but without Gai and possibly the harem aspects.


Awards: Depression Inducing, Old Fashioned Violence, Demonic

Week 1: Neutral
Claymore had a less then stunning opening episode as well. Not bad, but probably not the best either. Rather then focusing on the action, it delves more into introducing the male lead and how he gets into the situation he’s in. Frankly, he’s the innocent light hearted kid who later gets scarred for freaking life and is forced to discover himself. Well, maybe not exactly that but he sure as heck gets scarred. Aside from the depressing aspects, the series has some old fashioned bloody demon slaying. Limbs taken off, giant wounds in the chest, top of the head cleaved off, you name it. This series is probably staying around for awhile as people tell me it’s supposed to get better later on. So I figure I should try sticking it out and see what comes up.

Kono Aozora ni Yakusoku wo~Youkosou-gumi Ryou e~

Awards: Drawn out Fanservice, Obnoxious, Female Overload

Week 1: Strike
Usually when I look at at something and all it shows is the females, it usually signals a red flag in my mind. This show definitely did but I went along watching it anyway. Kono Aozora was brutal to me for some reason. Maybe it’s the influence of Kanon or maybe it’s post trauma from Amaenaideyo!! coming back. Either way, this series didn’t do anything for me this week aside from introduce a bunch of obnoxious girls of all the basic stereotypes. The male lead is actually amusing in his own way, but still feels like he’s still limited to the box that these kind of male leads are often stuck inside. I’m still giving this a fighting chance but much like Gurren Lagann, it’ll probably have to impress me to stay alive longer then three episodes. What may make me keep blogging this depends on whether Nagasarete Airantou is good or bad in comparison. And I’m fairly sure it’ll do better then this, but I might be wrong.

Sisters of Wellber

Awards: Acid Trip, Suprise Hit, Ass Kicking Princess

Week 1: Neutral
Sisters of Wellber was probably the series that suprised me the most of this group. I came in thinking that it would be a fairly straightforward and serious series. The look and sound of it I was getting seemed to be quite off. Instead, I was treated to a fair amount of humor, action, and semi-interesting story. The characters of the series seem to be the biggest draw to me. They all interact well and all seem to have drastically different personalities. Not only that but it also made me feel like I was on drugs. Whether it be a small sprite floating around (no Reinforce Zwei from Nanoha is much different then this one is) and then there’s a FUCKING TALKING TANK. So the latter was probably the part that made me feel like I was on drugs, but at least the characters didn’t accept it that much either. The first episode had some decent action and quite a bit of it throughout the episode. Near the end, it was awesome to watch the Princess start tossing her attackers around with her kick ass Princess kung-fu. I’m fairly sure this series will be competing with El Cazador later on for who stays and who goes. But maybe something else will give way and let both move on.

Shinkyouku Soukai Polyphonica

Awards: Musical Warfare, Decent OP and ED

Week 1: Neutral
Polyphonica was sadly one of the series that I was interested in the most this Round. Why? Because I have a strange thing about series that involve music as the weapon. May explain why I enjoyed things like GaoGaiGar and Macross 7. While Polyphonica isn’t exactly the same as those two, one guy uses a crazy sax looking thing (totally just judging from the opening). Plus, the pimp motorcycle into bigass keyboard transformation that Tatara performs is fucking kick ass. With that being said, I can’t say the music is amazing nor is it bad. I was suprised to see it was being done by Hikaru Nanase (did the GA anime music) which was a bit of a suprise. From all the series he did, it didn’t really seem like he would fit into this boat. But the music that was produced by the crazy keyboard was fine enough for me but it probably could have had a lot more to it. The actual characters themselves are not too amusing. The main female lead that does the actual fighting is pretty amusing when she’s not transformed. I guess they were going for the whole tsundere moe kind of deal there.

Group Two was much less stellar then what I saw from the first Round. Tuesday is definitely loaded up with anime (saw 7+ series today, 5 being from the new season) but only half of it has shown to be promising at all. If all it can do is throw a bunch of mediocre things at me, then I’ll be kind of upset. But as of now, it’s too early to judge what will happen.

Tuesday was also very depressing. The intro of the male lead in Claymore, the Titanic esque intro of Kissdum, and the ultimately depressing DEATH NOTE episode today. I was lucky that series like Sisters of Wellber and Polyphonica were able to get me to laugh a bit alongside entertaining me.

In all, it seems that Sunday is still reigning supreme in terms of the best day. Tommorow, more Hitohira, Gigantic Formula, Romeo x Juliet, and Nagasarete Airantou. A much stranger variety then what was seen today. Probably won’t write them up until I get through Thursday though, since not much is happening then so it’s an easy add on.



  1. “because asing anyone else is stupid”…what a great opener, heheh. again kudos to you for going out of your way to creating these brief impressions of these shows. i’ve actually only seen one of these and that’s el cazador. i don’t feel like going through all the other ones unless there’s something that’ll really interest me. just hope i don’t miss out on the next big series…that’s where you come in to inform me.

    gah, this week has got to be the biggest week in my life where i’m bombarded with shows since it’s a mix of old shows ending and new shows beginning. i wonder how many more there is to come before the approaching premier of lucky star?

    here’s some random highlights of my week if you’re interested: NIGHTS freakin 2 on wii!!!, sonic and mario in the same freakin game on wii!!!, 2nd season of shana in the fall of freakin 2007!!!, hd version of freakin nanoha strikers finally out!!!, revelation of new freakin characters in suzumiya haruhi no bunretsu!!!

  2. The second season of Shana really lit up my week early on. And when I heard about Nights 2 yesterday, I was really excited. If there was any game I wanted to see a sequel, that was easily one of them.

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